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Beyond The Bathroom Scale is dedicated to helping busy women like you, feel better about themselves and live a healthier lifestyle completely free of dieting and fads. 

It's the place to get inspiration, well researched advice, and practical tips - which you can use to change your Lifestyle, health and fitness around, right now.

Throughout my childhood, right through to early adulthood, I had a really poor relationship with food and my body. I swung from being underweight and afraid of food, to being obese and very ill.

After working on my mindset and drastically changing my lifestyle around, I managed to reverse pre-diabetes and hypertension. I lost weight in the process but I also stopped obsessing over the scale and letting it control my emotions. Instead I made use of alternative and far more insightful methods for assessing my health, which I explain in depth on this blog. Over time I developed a love of exercise and cooking, and most importantly:

I claimed my life back before it was too late to repair the damage.

I can't wait to share with you how I did it and without ever having to resort to a diet plan, or strict fitness regime!

Nope, you'll find none of that crap here!

This is the place where I share all the details of my own health journey. From the books I've read, to the health, fitness and nutrition experts I've interviewed. There's no photo-shopped gym selfies here, or perfectly filtered images of green juices and free-from-everything-remotely-enjoyably food (I hate all of that stuff, it just isn't real life when you have kids to feed and a full time job!).

You don't have to spend a fortune on designer yoga pants and move to Bali to have the healthy lifestyle you deserve. This isn't Instagram or a glossy health magazine, this is reality. 

There are clever time hacks for fitting exercises and healthy eating into a busy life spent juggling family, work and social life. I won't bullshit you and say it's easy, but it is possible. You can also transform your mindset entirely with a few simple tools for self-reflection and introspection, and finally conquer emotional eating, the dieting mindset and even find and maintain your motivation.  

If that sounds like just what you need, you can jump on in right now with my three-part video series on Getting Your Health Back On Track.

Karen's Story

The difference just one year of having a healthier mindset made!

The difference just one year of having a healthier mindset made!

From a young age, Karen watched her father suffer with obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. To date he has had three strokes and a pacemaker fitted. As a result of the most recent stroke, he has also been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. 

To the other extreme, Karen's mother has battled with anorexia for many years. As a child, Karen grew up surrounded by negative talk about food, body weight and calories. It was seen as something to fear. As a result she developed a very real phobia of trying new foods and eating in front of people, and as a young child became very underweight. 

When Karen hit puberty at a young age, she was led to believe that her changing shape was a result of 'gaining too much weight' and so suffered from very low self esteem and continued to have issues with food. Once she got a part time job at 16, Karen sought the freedom to eat what she wanted without criticism. She took to scoffing chocolate on the way home from school and college, eating fish and chips at lunch, and ordering take away pizza to eat in her bedroom in the evenings. As you can imagine, she quickly piled on the pounds and became obese.

It was in 2011 that she was diagnosed as having pre-diabetes and hypertension. This was her wake up call and what led her to teach herself to cook and love food instead of fear it, and work on improving her fitness. 

By 2012 (when Beyond The Bathroom Scale launched!) she was no longer obese and had completely reversed pre-diabetes and hypertension. She didn't resort to any kind of 'miracle' diet to do this, because frankly, they don't exist. Instead, she just ate more vegetables, ate less junk food, drank more water and found ways to exercise that she enjoyed. This all sounds pretty boring, because it is so straightforward and obvious. But there was one thing that made the biggest difference to turning her heath around: changing her mindset.

These days, Karen strives to set a healthy example for her son. Together they enjoy healthy home cooked meals, flavour, spices and variety and enjoy an active lifestyle, instead of seeing exercise as punishment. Karen no longer worries about the number on the scale and instead focuses on eating well, improving her fitness and keeping a check on her blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Let's get you back on track.

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