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CBT-Based Online Coaching

CONVENIENT and affordable online coaching to help you Improve your Body image & overcome binge eating, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting 

What can I help you with?


Do you reach for food in times of stress or sadness? Do you struggle to handle difficult emotions in other ways? Dive into helpful blog posts on the topics of emotional eating, self care and emotional wellbeing. 

Overcoming Binge Eating & Dieting

Struggle with binge eating or yo-yo dieting? Find out how to break out of the dieting cycle with Intuitive Eating & discover how rebelling against diet culture can help you overcome binge eating and food restriction.

iMPROVing Negative bODY iMAGE

Do you struggle with your body image? Does anxiety around your weight and body prevent your from enjoying aspects of your life? Read blog posts on the topics of body image, body acceptance and the Body Positive movement.

How I've Helped Others

I'm wondering if you've ever said these things yourself?

  • "I get really anxious when my friends want to eat out - what if there's nothing on the menu I can eat? What if I cave in and then binge eat my way through everything on the menu?"

I helped this lady overcome her food anxiety by working with her on the dieting mindset, intuitive eating and recognising her hunger and fullness cues. A few months later, she tells me:

"I've just got back from a restaurant with my hubby. I thought about what you said about 'unconditional permission to eat' and I ordered exactly what I wanted on the menu (no salad this time!). By our third course, I felt full, but satisfied, like on a deep emotional level, as well as in my belly. I just stopped eating midway through my dessert (this is really HUGE for me, I NEVER stop eating midway through dessert!) and I didn't feel like I'd missed out, or wasted food, offended someone for leaving it, or anything like that. It was just amazing like I could actually listen to my belly and stop eating without the mental battle and wanting to binge." 

Next up was another lady who told me during our first month:

  • "Stepping on the scale first thing in the morning determines how the rest of my day will go. If I've gained weight I'm miserable for the rest of the day and then eat barely anything for about 2 days afterwards and then I binge. If I've lost weight I'm really pleased with myself... but then I'll celebrate with 'treat food'. My relationship with food is so tightly wrapped up with the scale"

Three months in after focusing on Body Positivity and the Health Beyond The Scale modules, she tells me:

"I haven't weighed myself in weeks, I just don't care about that number anymore because I'm enjoying my life, eating food I actually like and doing yoga too...and you know what? I feel damn good about myself for the first time in years! I cannot thank you enough, Karen!"

And one last one. This was a lady who signed up while my programme was in beta testing early last year. 

  • "I eat my feelings, I just can't help myself. I come home after a long stressful shift and I work nights sometimes so I often skip meals. I'm just so tired and stressed when I come home but I know that crisps, chocolate and wine are waiting for me. In the moment I feel better.. but the guilt kicks in afterwards.

This lady worked through the entire programme and felt she especially benefited from the emotional eating module:

"The emotional eating module was LIFE CHANGING for me! I never realised that comfort eating was benefiting me on some level but it all makes sooo much sense for me now. I've been working really hard the last few months to tune into my emotions and pick apart my thoughts to figure out what I really need (it isn't wine - who knew! haha!). The worry journal exercise has stuck with me the most, it's been so helpful, thank you so much for all your help and the videos and workbooks!)"

Your Recovery journey

Initial Assessment

The Health Mindset Programme™ consists of 6 months of email-based coaching. At the beginning of your recovery journey, we will work through an initial assessment to highlight the key areas of focus for our work together. We'll come back to this assessment at the end of the programme to reflect on the progress you've made. 

Diet Culture

Just in case there's still a part of you that thinks there's a 'perfect' diet plan or regime around the corner for you to follow, we'll quash them thoughts right at the beginning of the Programme. Dieting, including calorie restriction, does not work in the long term and we’ll discuss exactly why that is. We'll look at what the tools of dieting look like, analyse your personal dieting history and examine the dieting mentality.  

Body Acceptance & Body Positivity

In this module we'll discuss why self-compassion and body acceptance is essential for health and the damaging effects of body shaming. This part of your recovery journey is so important, as without self-compassion and acceptance, you'll never be able to break away the diet mentality and will never truly put your health (both physical and mental) above weight loss. 

Body Awareness & Mindfulness

This module is where we'll learn to listen to what your body is trying to tell you it needs most. Often dieters feel out of touch with their bodies and lose the ability to identify true hunger and feelings of fullness. It's also common to confuse emotional cues for physical which results emotional eating. 

Emotional Eating

In this module we'll uncover the causes behind emotional eating and the strategies for tackling it. Often, it's viewed as an eating problem, when in fact it's a sign that self-care and mental well-being needs to be prioritized.  We'll work together to develop alternative coping mechanisms for strong emotions, drawing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

Intuitive Eating

In this module I will explain what is meant by Intuitive Eating and how it can help you gain freedom from dieting and improve your relationship with food and your body. We'll cover the main principals of intuitive eating and learn how to avoid turning it into 'just another diet'. 

Health Beyond The Bathroom Scale

This is where we'll look to the Health at Every Size Movement and the body of research that supports focusing on health beyond weight loss. This includes taking a gentle approach to nutrition and finding the joy in movement. We also look at alternative ways to keep tabs on our overall health. 

By the end of The Health Mindset Programme™... 

  • You will get angry at an industry that profits from making you feel bad. Together we will tackle diet culture. We’ll learn what it is and how to recognise it, tune out from it and how to finally break out of the dieting cycle.
  • You’ll tune out the harsh voice in your own head that tells you you're lazy, not good enough or not disciplined enough, and you’ll replace that voice with a compassionate, friendly voice. The real you.
  • You’ll learn how to listen to your body’s cues for what it really wants, and you’ll know exactly how to give it what it wants. This is the antidote to dieting!
  • You’ll learn to love food again and feel at ease with not tracking every little detail about what you eat.
  • You’ll remember what it’s like to move your body for the sake of enjoyment instead of obligation – like when you were a child and ran around jumping in puddles and dancing in your bedroom.
  • We’ll tackle common issues such as poor body image, emotional eating and self- compassion.
  • You’ll learn about a whole new world away from dieting, including the social movements that are fiercely fighting back against diet culture, and promote body confidence and healthy habits without a focus on weight loss.

 free 6 week taster Programme

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Here's what you'll recieve in the Starter Kit: 

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6 Week Video Course

Made up of short, to the point, videos and a workbook, on the topics of Diet Culture, Body Acceptance, Body Awareness, Emotional Eating, Intuitive Eating and Health Beyond the Scale. You'll easily be fit these videos lessons into your busy life.

coaching emails.jpg

Coaching Emails

I'll send you two emails a week during the programme, the first one will introduce the area of focus for the week, and the second will be diving deeper into a particular issue. These emails will help you stay on track with your recovery journey. 

bonus free guides (1).png

Bonus PDF guides

As a bonus, I'm also including a welcome guide, which contains useful info and space to record notes and insights you'll gain throughout the Programme. I've also included my guide to recommend resources for taking your recovery journey further. 

Meet The Founder & Programme Director

  Image credit: Mark Hall Photography

Image credit: Mark Hall Photography

Karen Oliver, BA, MA is the Founder of Beyond The Bathroom Scale ®, a body positive health psychology blog and the Programme Director of The Health Mindset Programme. She also regularly writes for Huff Post.

Her award-winning blog and coaching programme is based on the Health at Every Size ® approach to health and draws on the principals of Intuitive Eating, the Body Positivity movement, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Positive Psychology and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), in order to help busy women tackle disordered eating, overcome emotional eating and recover from long-term dieting via a holistic, research-led online coaching programme.

A former Social Worker, Karen comes from an academic background of Psychology and Sociology. She holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology, specialising in health and society and a Masters degree in Social Work. She has trained in Counselling skills and Psychotherapy-based approaches such as CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing, and is currently studying towards a Diploma in Professional Nutrition.