Drastic Changes For My Blog: What This Means For Readers

This is the last post I'll write on the blogger platform. From next week onwards, I'll be blogging on a different platform. As a reader, I wanted to let you know that Beyond The Bathroom Scale, as a blog and business, is going to be changing. Drastically.

(Like seriously, I feel like I'm burning down 5 years worth of work, but sometimes it felt like the wrong kind work, so it' a good thing!)

When I launched my blog back in 2012, I didn't really have any sense of direction. I started it, sat on my bed at uni, in my PJs, just to share my own weight loss journey, a couple of recipes and the tips and products I tested and figured out over time.

Over these years, I feel like my core message became diluted. 

 My core values from the very beginning remain exactly the same:
  • I'm totally against crash diets, fads, dangerous diet pills and all that other bad stuff.
  • There are better ways to assess our health than by stepping on the scale. Like measurements, progress pictures, our vital stats, body fat %.
  • For many people, the scale has the power to control our emotions or even to make us think less of ourselves. If this is you, I firmly advocate ditching it in favour of the other health assessment methods (hence the blog's name!). 
  • I'm sick of the way the dieting & fitness industries market to us like we're just a collection of body parts. We're not 'bulging bellies', 'bingo wings' or 'mum tums'. We're PEOPLE! With busy lives, emotions, stress and insecurities.
  • We need to feel supported, valued and seen as such, instead of merely 'a target market' for gyms and diet clubs.
  • We need to be given the right information, from the right people. Not conflicting marketing hype which only serves to overwhelm us.

With these values in mind, which I have always felt fiercely passionate about, I want to be genuinely useful to readers, like you.

In a few weeks, Beyond The Bathroom Scale will be moving over to a new hosting platform and design. I want you to know, that this isn't just for cosmetic reasons.

It represents a shift in the way I run the blog.

Beyond The Bathroom Scale's new focus:

 The topics I'll cover in the blog will be centred around emotional eating, self-sabotage, finding & maintaining motivation and healthy living time hacks - to help you fit healthy eating, exercise and self-care around a busy lifestyle.

Major changes you'll notice over the coming weeks:
  • A lot of old content will be missing - for two reasons, I've either not redirected the link (ahh tech issues!) or more crucially, I've deleted it entirely! If it hasn't 100% fit my values, it's gone. It sounds drastic I know, but this is how serious I am about this shift!
  • A less cluttered and overwhelming website layout - you'll be able to find the most useful, helpful and popular posts a lot more easily.
  • I will be the primary voice of the blog (once again). I experimented for a while with having guest writers. When it was a qualified personal trainer (like the lovely Julia Buckley) or a doctor (like Dr Sally Norton), I felt this was valuable for debunking myths, and so I will continue to interview professionals. However, I will not be accepting content from just any old writer (I can't stand editing anyway!).
  • There will be significantly less sponsored content (woohoo! Who likes it anyway, really?). I'll be honest here: I've taken on sponsored (and none sponsored) campaigns in the name of earning a living (loosing your 'proper' job in pregnancy will do that to you!), that although haven't been against what I'm all about, haven't exactly been aligned with it, or my readers, either. Supplements, as an example - while I have used them in my 'heavy weight training days' and can see the uses for athletes, they just aren't me anymore. I'm not that power lifting person anymore, I'm a married mum who likes to go to the gym to exercise with my friends and feel like me again. I love swimming dancing, yoga and sure I still lift weights, but I'm not out to compete with anyone. So this kind of content will be going!

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret anything I've done as the Founding Editor of Beyond The Bathroom Scale, it's been a heck of a journey! Any money I've earned from sponsored campaigns, book royalties etc. have been ploughed back into the blog to take it to the next level. 

 The next step in the BTBS story

 I'm so excited to be launching over the next year, a full range of courses, programmes, free workshops and really helpful guides on the blog, to help busy women overcome the dieting mindset, and issues such as loss of motivation, feeling off track and overwhelmed. I will be collaborating with more professionals to tackle the issues of emotional eating, self-sabotage and low self-esteem. These are issues that really matter and affect our health and well-being in major ways! 

So, here's to new beginnings (and a sleeker website, nicer images, and better content!)