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Body Wise by Dr Rachel Carlton Abrams - Book Review

Body Wise Dr Rachel Carlton Abrams
Are you tired? Do you suffer from headaches, backaches or pelvic discomfort? Do you experience depression or feel anxious? Do you have allergies, rashes or autoimmune issues? Have you lost your sex drive? Dr Rachel Carlton Abrams' new book, Body Wise, might just hold the answers. 

The Body Wise approach is all about listening to what your body and health is trying to tell you about your lifestyle. Boy, was this a book I needed back when I worked 60 hour weeks.

In the book there's loads of cases studies of women who have suffered with strange symptoms like random patches of eczema when around someone who makes them uncomfortable, and a spate of pelvic pain when agreeing to move in with a boyfriend who wasn't emotionally good for them.

5 Great Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

Top 5 Pre & Post Workout Snacks
If you’re anything like me, working out makes you hungry (I can’t be the only one who raids the kitchen cupboard after lifting weights for an hour, surely?). The trick is having a great snack prepared beforehand, so that you’re not tempted to hit the Drive Thru on the way back from the gym. It also means you have a chance to pack in the extra protein, vitamins and needed for muscle recovery. Below are 5 pre and post workout snacks, which will help with this. We’ll also look at some of the misconceptions surrounding these foods.

The Elephant in the Room: On Being an Overweight Health and Fitness Blogger

The Elephant In The Room
I'm an overweight health & fitness blogger. 

There we go, I've just said out loud the very thing that's been holding me back from talking about my blog to strangers around the swimming pool on holiday, or even the medical staff taking my blood when I took part in a pre-eclampsia study a couple of months ago. 

You see up to this point, I've felt ashamed to call myself a health & fitness blogger, in fear of being judged for the weight I'm currently at. I've skirted around what I do and even told people I blog about lifestyle or mental health. It's not massively far from the truth, as I do cover mental health and mindset, but as my blog's name gives away, I focus on health, fitness and body confidence.

Making You Feel Bad is Good For Business

Making You Feel Bad Is Good For Business
Right now you're being told by magazines and adverts that your body isn't good enough to be on a beach. You're worrying about what you're going to wear on holiday, or the quickest way to improve your appearance before you get on that plane. Aren't you sick of having this mental battle every summer? 

I had a conversation with two guys in the gym the other day, who were complaining that their wives were 'harping on' (their words) about joining the gym and going on a crash diet to get that elusive 'bikini body'. Their words echoed in my mind while I struggled through my last few bench presses and by the time I'd finished my workout, I found myself feeling really angry. Not at the guys and what they said about their wives, but at how society makes women feel at this time of year. Every Year.

Results May Vary: You're Setting The Wrong Health & Fitness Goals

Results May Vary: You're Setting The Wrong Health & Fitness Goals
Let's talk about setting health and fitness goals. I bet right now, most of you have set results-based goals. When I talk about results-based goals, I'm referring to the goals that are based on what you expect to achieve rather than what you are going to be doing

The most common results-based goal I see, is weight loss. "I will lose 30lb by this day next year" for example. We think this is a great goal, because it's specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and has a deadline (timed). So it's SMART right? Wrong. 

Here's three problems with results-based goals and why you need to be setting action-based goals instead.