Part of you knows that you’ve been conned by the dieting industry…

You’ve dedicated your life to the pursuit of weight loss, but you’re still not at your ‘goal weight’, despite all the time spent worrying over calories, points or syns, and hours spent doing exercise you didn’t enjoy.

You’ve always felt like you have to put your life on hold, waiting for the day you reach goal weight. (Spoiler alert: reaching goal weight doesn’t alter your life nearly as much as diet culture wants you believe).

You wish that you could stop wasting time, money and mental energy on something that’s making you feel so guilty, miserable and worthless.

You want to end the life-long battle you’ve had with food and your body and reclaim your life back from dieting and the pursuit of weight loss.

Booking a breakthrough session with me will kick start your journey to making peace with food and your body, after years of dieting and self-hatred.


What will you get from the Breakthrough Session?

  • You will finally feel able to turn your back on dieting, detoxes and slimming groups because you’ll know for certain that none of this stuff has ever truly worked (you wouldn’t be here if it did).

  • By ditching a life of diets and food restriction, you’ll drastically reduce your urge to binge eat and you’ll lose the anxiety and guilt you have around food.

  • You will free up all of the time you’ve previously dedicated to the pursuit of weight loss: the time wasted on food tracking, the calorie/points/syns calculations, the slimming group weigh-ins, the post weigh-in binges, the excessive exercise sessions, the meal prepping, the battle with the scale and tape measure, the time spent reading diet and weight loss books. Think of what you could do and achieve in life with all of this spare time and mental energy.

  • You’ll trade diet books, slimming magazines, and weight obsessed social media ‘gurus’ for media that makes you feel at peace, contented with yourself and empowered.

  • You’ll stop punishing yourself with the scale or those skinny jeans you have in the back of your wardrobe from before you had kids (yeah, I used to have a pair too!).

  • You’ll gain an appreciation and compassion for your body, to replace years of self-hatred.

  • You’ll know for the first time in your life, what it feels like to stop fighting against your body.

  • You’ll feel at peace and ready to truly improve your physical and mental health, without worrying about the scale.

What is a Breakthrough Session? 

There are three parts to the Breakthrough Sessions:

  1. Initial Assessment & Prep-work

  2. 90-minute video call, plus additional resources for after our session

  3. 30-minute follow up call 1-2 weeks later

Part 1: Your Initial Assessment & Prep-Work

Before our video call session, I will send over two pre-work exercises for you to complete before our session. The first exercise is the Dieting Mindset Assessment designed to uncover the though patterns you have around food, weight and appearance. This is a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ tick box worksheet, which will highlight any issues you particularly struggle with (for example, strict food rules, body image, emotional eating and the impact all of this has on your social and personal life).

The second exercise is the Pros and Cons of Recovery exercise, which will help you clarify your motivations for moving away from diets, as well as uncover your fears and concerns, which we’ll then address in our session.

Part 2: Our 90 Minute Call + ADDITIONAL RESOURCES

Our 90-minute session will take place over video call, so we'‘ll be able to see and hear each other. This makes it feel much more like an in-person session, only in the comfort of your own home - you can even wear your PJs if you want, I don’t mind, as long as you feel relaxed and at ease.

During our 90-minute video call session we’ll begin by talking through your prep-work exercises and then we’ll work through a series of exercises based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. These exercises will include looking at your dieting history and unpacking your thoughts about your body and weight.

There will also be additional resources sent over to you after the call and a list of personalised action-steps to take.

Part 3: Our 30 Minute Follow-Up Call

At the end of our Breakthrough Session, we’ll book in a 30-minute follow up video call to take place between one and two weeks afterwards. This is to give you time to take action and work through the additional resources. We’ll use this session to talk through how you’ve found working through the additional exercises and also talk about your steps to take going forward.

How much does it cost?

The entire Breakthrough Session package (Initial assessment, prep-work, 90 minute video call, additional resources and 30-minute follow-up call) is billed at just £99 (GBP).

This fee is payable upfront at the time of booking and is taken through PayPal.

REady to book?

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