Why you should aim for size Healthy Happy

Size HH stands for 'Healthy Happy', which is the size that author, Eva George believes we should all be aiming for, instead of a particular dress size or weight.

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This book landed on my desk at just the right time for me, as I've been trying to get back to the healthy person I was before pregnancy. My routines and healthy habits had all been lost and so had my self-confidence.

Now all I see in the mirror are stretch marks (which are fading thankfully), a saggy "mum-tum", 30 extra pounds and a loss of muscle mass (particularly my bum!) which I had worked so hard to gain in the first place. I know that to get my healthy habits back I need to begin by addressing my self-esteem and loving my body enough to want to care for it again instead of stuffing it with pizza because I'm too tired and worn out from life as a new mum. 

Author of Size HH , Eva George is a busy mum of two young children and has also struggled with her self-image. In her book, she shares her tips for boosting body confidence in order to love yourself enough to make sustainable, healthy changes instead of resorting to drastic dieting and punishment.

Two Types of Motivation

I found the discussion on the two different types of motivation really spoke to me. The first type of motivation is one of trying to get away from your current state. This was certainly the type of motivation I had back in 2011 when I decided I needed to drastically change my lifestyle around in order to save myself from diabetes and hypertension, among other health conditions associated with obesity. As mentioned in Size HH, this type of motivation is great for getting you to your goal, but it won't help you maintain it. Once you get to goal, you feel more relaxed and healthy habits and self-discipline begins to slide. In my case, I carried on eating the same way as I did when I was weight training four times a week, even when I was getting very little exercise through working 60 hour weeks in an office.   


The second time of motivation drives you in the other direction, instead of pushing away from your current state, you are being pulled towards a positive image, for example, when you're aiming to get stronger, faster or more flexible.  Aiming for personal bests, beating them and setting new targets is far more positive than beating yourself up about your current weight, and the motivation won't fizzle out because the goal post will always be changing. This is definitely a lesson I'll be taking to heart for my own health and fitness goals.

Size HH offers fad-free and practical advice on nutrition, exercise and forming healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water and improving your sleep. It's a quick read and the case studies included in the book are very relatable for me personally. 

I would recommend this book as an ideal starting point for anyone looking to improve their health and body confidence. 

Size HH by Eva George is available to buy on Amazon.

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own