10 Reasons You Should Join The Health Mindset Programme

10 reasons you should join the health mindset programme

The Health Mindset Programme (THMP) is an online space for busy women who want to make peace with food and their bodies. If you've had a lifetime of being stuck in the dieting cycle or have struggled with disordered eating and emotional eating, then this is the programme for you.

I've already shared my story behind why I launched the Programme and filmed a brief tour of the programme area, so today I wanted to give you 10 reasons why you should consider joining. 

1) You will be part of the rapidly growing counter-movement to diet culture.

2) You will learn how to accept your body after years of hating it.

3) You will develop the skill of listening to what your body and mind have been screaming out to tell you.

4) You will be able to put in place a strategy of self-care in order to overcome emotional eating.

5) You will make peace with food. You will feel in control around food, lose the urge to binge or restrict and will be able to enjoy it without the food anxiety.

6) You will find the joy in movement again, even if you've always hated exercise. 

7) You will finally feel able to prioritise and improve your health without worrying about your weight.

8) You will save time. Instead of trying to read through loads of self-help books or listen to hours of podcasts, you will save time by getting the information you need in short, easy to digest videos.  

9) You will learn so much about yourself through a variety of exercises and tasks, based on positive psychology and motivational interviewing.

10) You won't be able to just join and forget about it. There are monthly reviews over email, at a time which suits you (as I know you have a busy life!)

Enrollment into the programme for January 2018 closed at 6pm GMT 21st January 2018. Doors will open again in the summer so be sure to add your name and email address to the waitlist (plus I'll send over lots of free goodies in the meantime).

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