Three Women's Magazines To Make You Feel Good About Yourself

womens magazines feel good about yourself

I love to sit down with a magazine at the weekend, as much as the next woman, which is why I found it a struggle to give up women's magazines when I wanted to rid my life of all the body shaming, diet culture nonsense coming at me from all angles. I needed replacement magazines to fill the void with and happily stumbled across a whole genre of magazines for self-care and mindfulness. 

If you're new to this blog, you may be wondering why I have such an issue with most women's magazines. I've written about it at length in a blog post on how magazines serve as glossy advertising rags for entire industries built to make women feel bad about themselves and profit from our poor-self esteem. Not to mention the hatred I feel towards them weekly magazines where a candid shot of a celebrity is circled with red ink by a so-called 'journalist' to highlight another woman's apparent flaws (the kind of 'flaws' we all have, and therefore aren't flaws at all, but reality!). 

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At some point you in your own journey to improving your body confidence and your relationship with food, you will begin to question the magazines you once sat down on the sofa to relax with, tea in hand. Hopefully, you'll even reach the stage where you see not buying them as a protest against the body shaming drivel. But chances are, you͛'ll still want something to flick through on a Sunday morning, so here are my three suggestions for magazines that will make you feel good about yourself.


Psychologies Magazine

psychologies magazine self care mental wellbeing.jpg

Covering the topics motivation, self-compassion, relationships and mental wellbeing. There͛s also a Find a Therapist feature on their website. If you love self-help books, you'll love this magazine. This was the magazine which finally pushed me into getting counselling for my anxiety. 



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Breathe Magazine

Covers mindfulness, creativity, wellbeing and self-care. This is the ideal magazine for relaxing with on a Sunday morning! Breathe inspired me to take up more relaxing hobbies, such as painting, yoga and reading spiritual books.  It gives me the break I need from business and the stresses of daily life. 






If you're fed up with photoshopped models in fashion magazines, then you'll love SLiNK. It promotes body diversity in fashion instead of unrealistic ideals. 

The only thing that makes me sad about this, is how unusual it is to see! Why can't all women's media be like this? 

>>> FREE Download: Recommend Resources to Help You Feel Better About Your Body: Books, Magazines, Podcasts, Apps & More <<<