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Are you a busy woman struggling to find the time and motivation, to fit exercising and eating well around the demands of a career and family? (Don't even get me started on where social life and sleep fits into this!)

Do glossy mags and overly-polished Instagram profiles make you feel crap about yourself? (Me too!)  

Are you fed up with health and fitness crazes? (What are we meant to be cutting out of out diets, this time?)

Perhaps you've tried all the latest diets and you've still not reached the health and fitness goals you had your heart set on (because the diet industry wants us to fail so that it can continue to make money from us!) 

If this sounds like you, then welcome home! 

Beyond The Bathroom Scale, as a community, platform and blog, aims to be a retreat from the detox & dieting nonsense. On the blog, we regularly regularly feature advice from qualified experts, delicious recipes, made with ingredients you can pronounce and actually find in a normal supermarket (there's no smoothie bowls and kale chips here, that just isn't us!) and product reviews from a woman who has been exactly where you are now (that's our Editor - Karen Oliver!). 

At BTBS, we're against fads, diets, gimmicks and dangerous quick fixes. We strive to fight against the diet industry and it's faddy trends, including diets based on pseudoscience, detoxes and diet pills. BTBS recognises the dangers of obesity, disordered eating and yo-yo dieting and aims to promote a balanced, fad-free approach to achieving improved health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

We want you to regain your self-esteem, motivation, happiness, while improving your health and fitness.

Below is an interview, the founder, Karen Oliver, did for Sportuccino, which explains a little more about what BTBS stands for...

The BTBS Story

Beyond The Bathroom Scale Shortlisted Cosmo Blog Awards 2012BTBS began as a blog, launched in March 2012. Originally it was designed to be a place to share recipes and reviews of fitness DVDs & games, as well as share the editor, Karen's, own weight loss story. Just months after the launch of the blog, BTBS was shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards for 'Best Lifestyle Blog' in October 2012 and has since rapidly expanded to include a smartphone app, books, courses and a community group on Facebook.

Why the name 'Beyond The Bathroom Scale'?

From a young age, Karen watched her father suffer with obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. To date he has had three strokes and a pacemaker fitted. As a result of the most recent stroke, he has also been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. 

To the other extreme, Karen's mother has battled with anorexia for many years. As a child, Karen grew up surrounded by negative talk about food, body weight and calories. It was seen as something to fear. As a result she developed a very real phobia of trying new foods and eating in front of people, and as a young child became very underweight. 

When Karen hit puberty at a young age, she was led to believe that her changing shape was a result of 'gaining too much weight' and so suffered from very low self esteem and continued to have issues with food. Once she got a part time job at 16, Karen sought the freedom to eat what she wanted without criticism. She took to scoffing chocolate on the way home from school and college, eating fish and chips at lunch, and ordering take away pizza to eat in her bedroom in the evenings. As you can imagine, she quickly piled on the pounds and became obese.

It was in 2011 that she was diagnosed as having pre-diabetes and hypertension. This was her wake up call and what led her to teach herself to cook and love food instead of fear it, and work on improving her fitness. 
Karen Oliver Before and After Photo
The difference just one year made!

By 2012 she was no longer obese and had completely reversed pre-diabetes and hypertension. She didn't resort to any kind of 'miracle' diet to do this, because frankly, they don't exist. Instead, she just ate more vegetables, ate less junk food, drank more water and found ways to exercise that she enjoyed. 

These days, Karen strives to set a healthy example for her son. Together they enjoy healthy home cooked meals, flavour, spices and variety and enjoy an active lifestyle, instead of seeing exercise as punishment. Karen no longer worries about the number on the scale and instead focuses on eating well, improving her fitness and keeping a check on her blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.

The App, Membership & Books 

The BTBS Blog app is available for free, so you can get regular articles sent straight to your phone! For more information and to download the app, see: BTBS Blog App iTunes Store. 

You may also like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to grab a FREE copy of The Health Assessment Workbook, as well as gain access to the Facebook community group, where you can download the many free resources you'll find in the group's 'files' tab.

If once you've grabbed your freebies, you feel like you still need something to keep you accountable, then The 12 Week Health, Fitness & Wellness Planner (paperback) could be just what you're looking for!


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