How to Make Healthy Chocolate Mousse Using Quark

How to Make Healthy Chocolate Mousse Using Quark
This chocolate mousse recipe is so ridiculously easy, delicious and healthy. If you've never heard of Quark, it looks like thick creamy Greek-style yogurt and tastes like cream cheese. It is actually a cheese itself (and you'll find it in the cheese isle at the supermarket) but it's a high protein, naturally low fat equivalent of the cream cheese you would make a cheesecake with. In fact, you can indeed make a Quark Cheesecake.

This recipe for a basic chocolate Quark mousse uses just two ingredients and makes 3 ample sized puds, it could stretch to 4 if you make them smaller or wish to mix it with other ingredients, such as fruit and nuts.

You'll need: 

A 250g tub of Quark
A 100g bar of dark chocolate (the higher the percentage, the healthier, as it's lower in sugar and high in antioxidants)

You can also make a flavoured chocolate mousse - Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Mint are firm favourites of my family! To do this, you can add in a few drops of orange zest or peppermint oil (you'll find these down the home baking isle in the supermarket).
Graham's Quark and Tesco Orange Extract

Nutritional values of 1 Quark mousse:

How to make this unbelievably simple chocolate quark mousse:

1. Half fill a big deep saucepan with water and place a glass cooking bowl in the pan. Heat until the water boils, and turn down to a simmer.

2. Break the bar of chocolate up into small pieces and place in the bowl. Stir frequently while it melts.
How To Melt Chocolate

3. Once completely melted, take the bowl out of the pan. Now stir in the entire tub of Quark and mix well. At this stage, you may wish to add in the orange or peppermint oil to your required taste. 
Mix Melted Chocolate With Quark

4. Next, separate the mousse into dishes. I find the glass dishes that GU desserts and similar puds come in to be the perfect size for this.  Place in the fridge for an 30 minutes - to an hour to cool, and your done!
Reuse glass GU pots for homemade desserts

If you test this recipe out yourself, let me know how you get on with it and what flavours and twists you decide to make on it!

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