Clifton Goldson's 6 Tips For Fitness All Year Round

Clifton Goldson's 6 Tips For Fitness All Year Round
By mid-January, many of us are struggling to keep up with our new year's resolutions but by the end of February, most of us have long forgotten what they even were. There's a pretty good chance that they were something vague, along the lines of 'get fit', 'improve my health' or perhaps 'lose weight'. Does this sound familiar? Vague goals are difficult to aim for as their not specific and so they don't let themselves to creating a plan or action or feeling pumped and motivated about them.

Personal trainer, Clifton Goldson has shared with us his his 6 tips for all year round fitness, providing you with a roadmap for how to structure your vague goals and plans, and pick up where you left off once and for all... 

1. Don’t be Afraid of the Weights
What’s the secret to achieving the highly-desired dancer physique? Step off the cross trainer and pick up a pair of kettle bells. Whilst cardio develops overall fitness levels and stamina, using weights in compound exercises – such as squats and burpees – is the key to building long, lean muscle mass. Clifton advises high repetitions of back-to-back exercises using a low weight, followed by 30/60- second rest.

K-West Hotel & Spa in London
"Don't be afraid of the weights" says Clifton Goldson, a PT from the K-West Hotel & Spa in London.
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2. A Balanced Diet
80% of how we look is related to diet, so despite endless hours in the gym, you really are what you eat. Try to avoid fad diets and instead opt for a portion-controlled, balanced diet.

3. R & R: Rest and Rehabilitation
On a mission to get fit, overtraining may seem like a good idea, whether it’s a 2/3-hour session or two workouts a day. However, resting your body is just as important as exercising, as without rest progression can plateau. Schedule two rest days each week, and a full week out every three months. Getting a full 8-hour sleep each night will also ensure maximum results.

4. Hydration
Too much of a good thing can be bad. The optimum amount of water needed to keep you fully hydrated is two litres, as much more than this can dilute sodium levels in the blood. Similarly, coffee has great health benefits as it helps speed up the metabolism and aids in fat-burning, but should be enjoyed only once a day.

5. Defining Targets and Measuring Results
Do you want to feel fitter? Or look great on the beach? Whatever your aim, it’s vital to set targets to stay motivated and to measure your progress. Steer clear of regularly using the weighing scales and instead quantify your progress using a measuring tape or before/after photos.

6. Enjoy the Process
Fitness is a 50% physical, 50% mental challenge, so it’s important to enjoy what you do. Wear comfortable gymwear as you’re more likely to exercise for longer, and don’t forget your headphones if music is your big motivator. Clifton advises to always finish your training with one exercise that you really love, as you will leave the gym feeling great on a post-workout high.
Clifton Goldson Personal Trainer
Clifton Goldson, a PT from the K-West Hotel & Spa in London.
Photo source: Luxe PR

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Clifton Goldson is a Personal Trainer at the K-West Hotel & Spa in London. Clifton has trained the likes of Calum Best, Made in Chelsea’s Proudlock, and England and Southampton footballer Ryan Bertrand. 

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