January Health and Fitness Favourites

January Health and Fitness Favourites
January begins full of promise and usually ends feeling dark and dreary with the wintry weather and total lack of money as we wait for payday to replenish our bank accounts after Christmas. To cheer myself up, I make January a month of self care, good food and gentle exercise, while I focus on planning for the year ahead.

Here's a list of what I've been testing out and loving this month:

Callanetics Countdown: 30 Days to a More Beautiful Body

Callanetics Countdown: 30 Days to a More Beautiful Body
This is modern version of Callan Pinckney's original Callanetics program, launched 30 years ago, now presented by Lacey Kondi.

What's 'Callanetics', you might ask? It's a series of stretching and contracting exercises that activate the body’s largest muscles groups, using tiny, gentle, precise movements, called pulses. You won't break into a sweat, but you will certainly work your muscles as you get the hang of it!

For me, this DVD has been a fantastic middle of the day workout, for when my son naps. It's usually the only time in the day I get to myself, but having already showered and dressed (in none sportswear) in the morning, I'm reluctant to get showered and changed again after a workout in the middle of the afternoon. I just don't have the time for that! So the solution was to find a low intensity workout. 

The DVD has three different levels, split over 30 days. There's a 25 minute routine for the first 5 days which builds up in to a slightly longer routine for days 6-15 and then hits you with the full 55 minutes for the days 16-30. When you first start it, you might wonder what all the fuss is about, but once you've mastered the slight pulses and sustaining a strong position, you'll really feel it. The only equipment you'll need is a yoga mat, if you don't have a carpet to workout on, and a chair for balance for some of the exercises. 

Callanetics Countdown is available to buy on Amazon.

Heat Holders High Visibility Range

Heat Holders High Visibility Thermal Hat and Neck Warmer
Ok, so if you saw me in the street wearing this hat and neck warmer you'd be forgiven for mistaking me for a bin man! 

They're fluorescent, with two reflective stripes and thermal with moisture-wicking properties. This makes them ideal for warmth and visibility on foggy evening walks and misty morning runs, and you'll feel toasty without getting sweaty. Trust me, when the fog and snow descends on us, you'll be wanting these for yourself!

You can buy them from www.heatholders.co.uk 

Fuel10K Fruit with Quark pouches

These make amazing breakfasts on the go, post-workout snacks or even a healthy dessert. 

Fuel10K Fruit with Quark pouches
They taste like fruity yogurts but they're actually made from cheese - or to be more specific, Quark, Like yoghurt in taste and texture, the great thing about Quark is that it contains less fat and more protein. It’s made by warming soured milk to a point where the milk proteins separate out, in a process called curdling. A culture is then added, the whey is drained off and then we are left with Quark. 

I honestly couldn't pick a favourite flavour, they were all really delicious! 

You can buy them online at www.FUEL10K.com or find them in the supermarket. Tesco and Asda stock the Fuel 10K range, which also includes granola and protein shakes.

NuZest Green Juice & Protein Shakes

NuZest Green Juice & Protein ShakesFancy trying a green juice, put can't really be bothered with the shopping, prepping and faff required for chopping and dicing fresh greens first thing in the morning. Well try a green powder, like the one from NuZest.

Some of the green powders I've tried in the past have tasted like pond water. This one is actually quite nice for the most part, there's just a slight 'broccoli' after taste, but then it goes away and tastes refreshing. I find a green juice perks me up in the morning and helps clear the fuzziness.

NuZest also have a protein shake made with pea protein. I tried out the mix box which contains 3 x Chocolate, 3 x Vanilla,, 2 x strawberry and 2 x cappuccino flavours. These are absolutely fantastic for adding to breakfast smoothies for an extra hit of protein and flavour (a clever way of covering up the taste of kale!).

You can find out more over at nuzest.co.uk

*Disclosure: post contains PR samples, as always, my opinions are my own.

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