Brighten Up A Dull Day With The Decathlon Challenge

Brighten Up A Dull Day With The Decathlon ChallengeDull days can bring your mood right down and stifle your best intentions to be healthy and productive. For me, winter is the worst time for this. It's dark when I wake up and dark before I've even eaten dinner. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would rather watch Netflix on the sofa, under a cosy blanket, than put my workout gear on after a long day of work or get up extra early to exercise. 

One of the best ways to brighten up a dull day, is to try something new, or perhaps do something that you used to love doing as a child. Those of you who follow BTBS on Instagram, will have seen my husband and I, take on Decathlon's 'Decathlon Challenge' last week. 

The challenge involved three rounds: hula hooping, darts and boxing with a punch bag. Anyone watching us would have thought we were being daft, but we had such a good laugh and the toddler was amused by our silliness too. 

Decathlon Challenge Dart Board
As you can see, it was a brilliant way to spend an afternoon and evening off work. We got some exercise in and really cheered ourselves up from a case of the January blues. 

My husband's favourite was the dart board, which I'm pretty happy to leave on our living room wall until we build a garden room for our hobbies and my gym equipment. The best thing about the dart board is that it uses plastic tips, so should you miss the board you won't make holes in the wall. The plastic board does however result in the dart bouncing back off the board more often than they would on a cork board (at least that's the story i'm sticking too!). 
Domyos Punch Bag and Boxing Gloves

My favourite was the punchbag and boxing gloves. Ever since going to a Les Mills Body Combat class at the gym, I've wanted to have a go at boxing, so this was the perfect excuse. And speaking of Combat, I've just tried a Les Mills On Demand session with the boxing gloves on - it's surprising how much weight they add to your punches (each glove is 8oz to be exact!) and increase the difficulty of the workout. 

The punch bag weighs 15lbs and requires a separate bracket to hang from (not included with the punch bag itself). You can buy free standing punch bag stands from Decathlon or wall mounted brackets from Amazon, but if you're wall mounting, make sure you attach it to a solid wall! With the free standing stands, the trick is to weigh it down with some heavy plates (I use the ones from my Body Pump set) to balance out the weight of the bag and the force of you kicking and punching the bag.

The equipment we used is all from Decathlon. It's pretty cheap to buy too, considering it's great quality and we'll have hours of entertainment we'll get from them (and anyone who comes over to visit us).

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