What is Beef Biltong and Is It Healthy?

What is Beef Biltong and Is It Healthy?
This snack is becoming increasingly popular in fitness circles. But what exactly is Beef Biltong, and is it any good for you?

Originating from South Africa, Beef Biltong is made from the silverside cuts of beef, which are marinated, cut into strips and hung to air dry before being packaged. It's dutch name means 'Rump Strips' (Bil = rump, tong = strip). 

In my opinion, biltong tastes just like a lightly seasoned like rump steak, but with the texture of sliced ham. It makes a great savoury snack, ideal for after a workout, as it contains all the essential amino acids needed for recovery. It would also make a fantastic topping for a homemade pizza.

Why does biltong have such high levels of protein?

As a result of the air-drying process, which removes all excess water and makes it possible to have such a high protein to weight ratio of around 55% protein. When choosing biltong, be aware of the quality of the beef used, as you would be when buying steaks and other meat products. Cruga beef biltong is of high quality as it is sourced from grass-fed cows, complies with all EU welfare standards and is free from growth hormones which can be found in products produced in other regions of the world.

Cruga Beef Biltong ReviewIt takes 200g of raw beef to make 100g of biltong, so all the protein from the 200g of raw product goes into every 100g of our biltong. This means that for every 100g of beef biltong you’re getting 55.2g of protein or 13.8 g in a 25g serving.

So is beef biltong better for me than a protein bar? 

The trouble with your average protein bar (there are exceptions) is the high sugar content and/or the use of artificial sweeteners which is all too common these days. a serving of Beef biltong has less than 1g of sugar compared to the average 8-22g of sugar found in many protein bars.

It's also lower in fat compared to other favourite savoury snacks - for example there's 1.25 g of fat in a 25g packet of biltong compared to 11.9g in a bag of ready salted crisps. Biltong's protein content means it's also better in this department than other popular savoury snacks such as crisps and popcorn, making it pretty handy as an afternoon snack when the 3pm slump kicks in. I would however be wary of the salt content at 1.3g per bag and it's also very moreish once you get a taste for it, so as I would recommend with all tasty foods, be mindful of portion sizes, a 25g bag makes a good snack and I think the benefits of the protein content outweigh the disadvantage of the salt content.. 

Cruga Beef Biltong comes in five different flavours: original, chilli beef (my favourite!), peppered beef, smoked beef and tandoori beef. You can stock up on it from most major supermarkets as well as buy it online from https://meatsnackshop.com/

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Meat Snacks Group. As always, my opinions and research are my own.

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