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iBody TV - Health and Fitness TV Show
iBody TV, a new online talk show, features a panel of sports, nutrition and fitness experts who discuss a variety of topics and current issues. Topics include body image and social media, workout myths, the usage and dangers of steroids and cheat days. The show launched on the 2nd of October this year and already has 93k views on the pilot videos on their Facebook page. Season 1's episodes are pretty short (typically between 2 minutes to 15) so they are great to watch on a lunch break or during your commute!

The Team

iBody TV was founded by Dean Miller (you can find him on Instagram). In one of the episodes, Dean confesses that he's only been a gym 4 times in his life. What I really like is that when Dean asks to the panel a question, he represents those of us who are pretty new to the confusing world of fitness, particularly the professional side of fitness. I never really knew much about fitness modelling or body building side until I watched the first series of this show - it's definitely a whole different world to just simply eating well and taking regular exercise. The other two presenters on the show are Jeannie McGinnis, a commercial model and Vikki-Anne Lee, also a model. Throughout the series, they too share insightful views on the industry and how it relates to body image.

The Series One Panel

The panel of health and fitness experts is an eclectic mix of fitness professionals and enthusiasts. There are differences in opinion between them, but they explain their opinions and debate issues without resorting to arguing - it's not that kind of talk show, thankfully! The panel is made up of:
Hannah McCreesh, a blogger 
Chad Smith, a bodybuilder 
Charleh Dickinson, a nutritionist and GB swimmer
Sheldon McDonald, a boxer 
Jeremiah Jordon, an accountant who plays American football 
Ella Swierczek - a fitness model 

The iBodyTV Panel

Themes Discussed

Sustainability of diet and fitness plans

This is a topic I'm always banging on about on BTBS! In Episode 12, the iBody team discuss the importance of knowing your limits. If social media was anything to go by, you probably feel like you should always 'go beyond your limits', 'never miss a Monday', train every day (alarmingly, some 'influencer's' even suggest training more than once a day!) and #EatClean all of the time.

Don't get me wrong, you do need to give yourself a challenge in order to improve in fitness, and you do need to be committed to not giving up and forming healthier habits gradually over time. But there also needs to be an awareness of the dangers of overtraining and under-eating (or over-dieting!) and the negative effects all of this has on the body. As the panel states, 'doing health and fitness' to extremes can lead to a reduced immune system, negatively affect sleep, reduce productivity at work and impact on social life.

There needs to be more conversations in health and fitness media, about the importance of rest, recovery and just generally finding balance when it comes to healthy living. I think this is where having fitness professionals on the show is particularly interesting, as you get a glimpse of the incredible amount of hard work that goes into creating the bodies we see in the media and just how unsustainable it would be for an everyday person (by that I mean, someone who's full time job does not involve exercising!) to achieve this without having to seriously compromise some area of their life. An issue touched on in Episode 9, is how intense fitness and exercise regimes can impact on relationships - if you're the spouse of an athlete, you may find this episode particularly interesting viewing! 

Episode 13 was another favourite of mine. The team discuss the trend of 'detoxing', and why 'teatoxing', skinny teas and such like are just "pure marketing" (rightly so, Hannah!) and not at all good for you. As Chad puts it, "Don't go on diet, change your lifestyle". Charleh however, raises an interesting point when she discusses how 'going on detox' can, for some individuals, help to 'reset' their minds by getting rid of their cravings and putting them back into a healthier mind-set. I'd never thought of detoxing from that point of view and I think she has in valid point here, it's just that for many other people, detoxing can be seen a 'quick fix' for repairing the damage of eating and drinking too much junk, when the reality of it is not that straightforward. 

Another issue that affects many people with the 'dieting' mind-set is the concept of a 'cheat day'.  In episode 5, Chad and Ella explain that they have a once a week treat on a Sunday to power themselves up ready for Monday, and banish cravings which are often satisfied right up until Thursday. Chad explains that with this approach however, he often begins to feel deprived by Friday and is anxiously waiting for Sunday. This was in contrast to Charleh's approach, which was to have a small treat each day. As Jeannie, points out, for many people with health issues, a cheat day can often make them feel worse for days afterwards.

Body Image

This is a recurring theme discussed in many of the episodes, and given the occupations of the panel, it's not surprising that they feel passionate about the topic. It's a subject that's heavily debated in the media and affects people of all genders and ages, more so than ever with the rise of social media.

In the very first episode, the team discusses the idea of a 'dream body' and notes that often, when people finally achieve their dream body, they still find themselves still lacking confidence and/or feeling miserable because of the difficulties involved with maintaining the incredibly high standard they have set themselves.  In episode 4, where they discuss mind, body and soul, Vikki asks a great question about whether anyone has been at their best physical state but not felt at their happiest, and the other way around - feeling at their happiness but not physically at their best.  If you've ever reached your goal weight and still not felt happy with your body or your life, you'll understand exactly what Vikki is referring to!

Vikki also discusses the dark side of modelling in episode 8, where she describes how she felt detached from her body while a team of people discuss her body 'like a piece of meat'. Ella touches on the negative reactions people have to female body builders and body shaming. Further to this, male body image is discussed on episode 15, and it's really interesting to hear the stark contrast of the standards surrounding the male body vs those of females. 

I think it's great to hear the opinions of a pretty diverse bunch of people, and it certainly makes iBody TV an insightful show, which has inspired me for many future blog posts! I'm really looking forward to a second season and I'll be stalking their social media channels for it! You can follow the iBodyTV show on Twitter and discuss the latest episodes via the Facebook page. All of the episodes can be found under the 'videos' tab on their Facebook page. 

Show Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities 

For the Health & fitness professionals reading this, you may also be interested to know that they are currently looking for sponsors to advertise within episodes of the talk show. The iBody TV team have mapped out a full season, so you could be in with a good chance of getting your business out there in front of your target market. You can see an example of sponsorship from episode 12 onwards of season 1. To find out more, check out the iBody TV website http://www.ibodytalks.com/

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by iBody TV. As always, my opinions are honest and my own.

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