A Better, Pain Free Night’s Sleep - Leesa Mattress Review

A Better, Pain Free Night’s Sleep - Leesa Mattress Review
Alongside eating healthily, drinking plenty of water and taking regular exercise, sleep plays a crucial role in our health. Without enough sleep, you may find that your body takes longer to recover from workouts, you're more prone to picking up colds and illness, your mood may be affected and your appetite might also increase (often those lacking in sleep find themselves crave sugar to give them a quick burst of energy). 

It's not surprising that we're struggling to sleep in our busy modern lives - so many of us sleep with our smartphones phones on our bedside tables, Netflix on the TVs in our bedroom, or read our Kindles before bed - we literally can't switch off. Another factor affecting sleep is the comfort (or rather, lack there of) of our beds. Comfort is massively important given that we spend a third of our lives in bed. Room temperature, bedding and how supportive your mattress is all play a key part in this.

My husband and I have slept on the same cheap mattress that came free with our double bed for the last 4 years. First thing in the morning, we're always grumbling about back pain, headaches and neck ache the next day from an uncomfortable night's sleep - you know the kind, it takes you about 90 minutes of tossing and turning and flipping the pillow over and back again before you feel somewhat comfortable enough to nod off. Usually by this point the baby has woken up and then you have to start all over again! 

Needless to say, when I was given the opportunity to try out a Leesa Memory foam mattress, I was more than willing to participate! The Leesa mattress had 3 layers of foam adjust to your body and provides (in my opinion) an unrivalled level of support and comfort. It's a very weird experience at first, sleeping on a foam mattress. It took me a few nights to get use to it after having slept on spring mattress all my life. The memory foam moulds to support your shape instantly, but yet you don't feel like you're 'sinking' into it. It feels so soft, but yet it's also firm and supportive. 

So what makes Leesa so different?

Leesa Mattress

Before it arrived, I asked a relative what she thought about her memory foam mattress (from a different brand). She loves it but said the only draw back was how warm they tend to get with being made from foam, so she often flings the covers off. I haven't noticed this with the Leesa Mattress and it's thanks to it's 3 different foam layers - 15cm of dense core foam to give it structure and strength, a middle layer of 5cm thick contouring memory foam, and the top layer of 5cm cooling Avena foam which allows for air flow, getting rid of the drawbacks of traditional memory foam mattresses such as overheating at night. The cover of the mattress is also a lovely polyester-Lycra blend material.  

I still haven't got to the best bit yet; the unboxing! This really is sight to behold, as the box our double mattress came in definitely wasn't mattress sized. At 30kg, it was pretty heavy to get upstairs, but it was so much easier than our last mattress thanks to it being so compact. The instructions on the box flap told us to put the roll (yes, really - the mattress was rolled up!) onto the bed and carefully remove shrink wrap. The vacuum packed mattress immediately began to 'grow' and went from flat to really thick in under half hour. As recommended, I kept the bed sheets and covers off for the rest of the day to let it settle and air out. 

You can see the amazing sequence below:

Unboxing the Leesa Mattress

As Leesa operates exclusively online, you won't be able to try out the mattress in store (which let's face it, is always massively awkward and you don't really get a feel for what it's like for 8 hours each night!). Instead, Leesa offers a 100 night risk free trial period, which means that if it isn’t working out for you at any point in the first 100 nights of receiving the mattress, all you have to do is let them know and they arrange for the mattress to be collected and donated through a charitable organisation, whilst offering you a full refund (although it's safe to say we won't be sending ours back!). They also donate one mattress to charitable organisations for every ten sold - I'm liking the social conscience of this company! 

So how was is it for you?

On the first night of having this mattress, the biggest shock was that my husband actually got up before me on his days off! He says it's the best thing he's ever slept on and now feels spoilt when he has to return to his staff bed on a night shift at work (I'd be lying if I said I felt guilty for starfishing the bed while he's at work!). I spent my first week on the mattress enjoying the fact that there were no noisy springs to wake up my little one whenever I got up to go pee, and I wasn't woken up by my husband's restless turning as I couldn't feel it through the mattress.

One month on, I honestly never thought changing my mattress would have such an effect on my health and even my fitness. The pressure relief provided by the Leesa has really helped my body rest and recover from intense training sessions, much sooner than I previously did. I also find that I fall asleep quicker, as I'm not taking ages to get comfortable and wake up feeling so much more refreshed (even after an interrupted night's sleep owing to my son!). Our mornings no longer begin with complaints of various aches and pains and it safe to say that a simple change of mattress has made a massive change to our wellbeing.

If you want to find out more or buy your own Leesa Mattress, you can get £50 of via this link:  www.leesa.co.uk/beyondthebathroomscale or entering 'BEYONDTHEBATHROOMSCALE50' at the checkout. 

Disclosure: I was provided with the Leesa Mattress for review purposes. As always my opinions are my own.

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