The 12 Week Health Fitness & Wellness Planner

The 12 Week Health Fitness & Wellness Planner
Our smartphones are amazing for tracking our food and fitness: they’re accurate, quick and convenient. We can scan barcodes, search food databases and sync our fitness trackers with just a few taps. But there’s still something missing, isn’t there?

We might be tracking our habits, but are we really looking at them? We’re so used to syncing our wearables and tapping at our apps while we’re on the move, that we’ve lost the art of consciously taking a few minutes out of each day to really think about what we’re doing and spot the emerging patterns in the masses of data our phones are collecting.

That’s where good old pen and paper has the advantage; there’s no notifications, text messages or late night emails from work to distract you from what you’re doing and there’s also something about the act of writing down your actions and goals, which makes you feel more committed and accountable and therefore much more likely to succeed. 

With this in mind, BTBS’s The 12 Week Health, Fitness & Wellness Planner was created. It enables you to combine the ease and accuracy of your smartphone apps, with the space to reflect on the data collected throughout the day. You’ll find it easier to figure out the stumbling blocks to your goals, as well as having the space to put all of your data down in one place instead of having to use multiple apps to track different things.

Daily Detailsrecord and reflect on your nutrition, supplements, water intake, activity levels, sleep, mood, medication and alcohol consumption.

Weekly Weigh-In & Plans log your weekly weigh-ins, record your personal bests, note down your non-scale victories and set yourself inspirational goals. Plan your meals and workouts for the week ahead.

Challenge Yourself Every week you will be set a new challenge related to health, fitness and your general wellbeing.

Health Assessment ChartsAlong the way you will be encouraged to record your measurements, other vital numbers and insert your progress photos.

The planner is available to buy on Amazon for £14.99. You can read reviews of the planner on The 12 Week Health fitness and Wellness Planner page.

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