NCC Home Learning Courses Review: Follow Up

NCC Home Learning Review
I'm very proud to announce that I, the mum who  barely even has the time to shower these days, has managed to pass a Level 3 Business Administration Course! 

Did you catch my previous post about the NCC Home Learning Platform? If not, you may want to check that out before popping back so you get what I'm rambling on about. 

The Business Administration Diploma course, is made up of 8 modules to work through. I found all of them to be very easy reading, but then I have worked in administration for a year at my university and also worked very closely with Business administrators within the local council, as a Social Worker a few years ago. Still, it's nice to have a formal qualification to eventually return to the workplace with!

The course focuses on three areas: organising skills, IT skills and people skills. I would say that covers the skills and knowledge for the Business admin role pretty well! The course would certainly be insightful if you have limited knowledge of IT, particularly email programs and it provides a good insight into what a business administration role entails too. 

NCC Certificate What I've really liked about this course, compared to say, A Levels way back in Sixth Form nearly a decade ago, is that there are no essays to write or assignments to submit (or at least, there isn't for the online only version of the course I enrolled in) and the exam at the end is multiple choice and can be taken in your own home. This means that there are no invigilators walking circles around your desk to distract you, no childcare arrangements to make, no nerve-wracking wait outside the exam hall, and no anxiety inducing wait for the results either. It's simple, fast and convenient, making it ideal for any mums like me who need to to return to work after maternity with a few extra skills under their belt (in addition to all the unexpected new skills you gain from becoming a parent, that is!).  

You can take courses either online or via post with NCC, and if you pay full prices (usually around £200-£350, you'll have access to full tutor support. I can't personally comment on the tutor support as my business course was provided for me for review purposes and NCC's own Life Coach course I've just enrolled on was heavily discounted via the NCC newsletter (I got it or just £25). 

If I was a school-leaver, applying to university or looking to drastically change my career by taking on a formal qualification like an A-Level or QCF for a topic I was unfamiliar with, I would definitely pay full price to get the tutor support submitting assignments and receive feedback. In the future, I would love to do a health and nutrition course in the near future to help with Beyond The Bathroom Scale. NCC is a platform I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take on a home learning course. 

You can find out more about NCC Home Learning from their website: NCC Home Learning

Disclosure: I was enrolled on my course for free, as compensation for this review. As always, my opinions are my own.

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