How Your DNA Can Reveal Your Ideal Nutrition and Fitness Plan - DNAFitTest Review

How Your DNA Can Reveal Your Ideal Nutrition and Fitness Plan - DNAFitTest Review
One morning last month, I got out of bed, drank some water and swabbed the inside of my cheek. I snapped the end of the swab off and placed it in a test tube, then posted it of to a lab while on my usual morning walk. The results of this particular DNA test were not be the kind you'd see on Jeremy Kyle! Instead, the results from this genius test were used to tailor my nutrition and training plans so that I can use my genetics to my advantage and adapt my lifestyle to make up for genetic shortfalls. As DNAFit say: "you can't change your DNA, but you can change your lifestyle".

The feedback from this simple swab test can tell you the which types of workouts are most efficient for your body and provide you with specific dietary guidance based on your genes to help support your training, reduce your risk of serious health problems and fill in any nutritional gaps. 

Sciencey stuff

DNAFit tests 45 gene variants scientifically-linked to a body’s capacity to respond to training and nutrition. The information they obtain is based on the type of 'SNP' (pronounced 'snip')  found in particular gene, know as a variation.  It's gene variation that makes us all unique and one of the reasons there can be no 'one-size-fits-all approach' to fitness and health.

DNAFit Test Kit
DNAFit Test Kit
I'll leave it to the scientists at DNAFit to explain the complexities of this, you can check out their 'How it Works' page, which lists the genes they test for and what each one is associated with.

The test reveals your:
  • Power/Endurance Response
  • Injury risk & Recovery Rate
  • Vo2 Max Response
  • Carbohydrate & Saturated Fat Sensitivity
  • Lactose Intolerance & Coeliac Predisposition
  • Detox Ability
  • Anti-Oxidant Needs
  • Recommended Viitamin & Micronutrient Intake
  • Salt, Alcohol and Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Ideal Nutrition and Training Recommendations

Results, Reports & Infographics

DNAFit Fitness Report
DNAFit Fitness Report
After testing your genes, DNAFit then provides detailed reports on how to alter your diet and exercise to meet your goals.A few days ago I received the results of my DNAFit test along with my reports, in the form of a diet PDF and a Fitness PDF, as well as a handy infographic to put together all of the key bits of information from both of the reports. I also had a really informative call with a DNAFit consultant to talk through my results and learn more about the science behind our genes and how they influence everything about us, including our health and fitness.
DNAFit Diet Report
DNAFit Diet Report

I've since learnt so much about myself and some of if it correlates with what I long suspected, for example, I'm much better at endurance style workouts than power training. I also need to watch my salt intake as I have a high sensitivity towards it which may indicate a predisposition towards hypertension -which I used to have, until I drastically reduced my salt intake and changed my lifestyle. 

To give you some idea of the vast range of information you gain from the DNAFit test, here is my results infographic. 

This is a summary of the results of my DNA test, each item is discussed in great detail: 

DNAFit Personalised Infographic
DNAFit Personalised Infographic

That's a lot of information! It goes to show just how complex our genetics can be and how so many aspects of health and fitness can be linked with our genetics. 

DNAFit Action Points
The reports have 'action points' throughout to
help you apply the findings to your diet and
fitness plans.
The two PDF reports talk through each individual aspect and provides you with 'action points' along the way, enabling you to immediately make changes to your lifestyle to help improve your health and fitness. 

I've taken my action points and adapted my nutrition and workout plan accordingly.

My nutritional adaptations
  • I'm taking Omega 3 supplements daily as I have a raised need for it but don't eat oily fish. I also eat chia and flax seed with my protein pancakes every morning. 
  • I'm taking B6 and B12 vitamins as I have a raised need for these and was found to have a lack of these in pregnancy and I don't eat enough B-vitamin rich foods (asparagus, chickpeas, egg and peanuts). 
  • I'm paying extra care with my saturated fat (no more than 8% of my daily calories) and salt intake (less than using MyFitnessPal to track these.
  • I keep my glycaemic load for the day to 100 - I'm currently using a chart to do this as I'm yet to find a good app for this, so if anyone knows of one, please let me know in the comments below!
  • My meals contain lots of leafy green vegetables and anti-oxidant rich food to help me recover from my training quicker and reduce inflammation. 
  • I'm keeping my caffeine levels low and before lunch, as being a slow metaboliser, caffeine stays in my system longer. I've also long suspected caffeine to be a trigger for my migraines, which came back shortly after I started drinking green tea!
My workout plan adaptations 
  • My workout plan is largely tipped towards endurance exercise, so with my strength training I lift until failure with a lower weight, rather than aim to lift my maximum for just a couple of reps. I find this much more enjoyable and it goes some way to explain why I love BodyPump so much.
  • As a result of my recovery speed and injury risk, I now make sure I take 48 hours to recover inbetween intense exercise before training the same muscle group again. For active recovery, I like to mix in yoga and swimming in between weight training sessions.
DNAFit Test Review
DNAFit Test Review
I already feel much better for having tailored my plans to work with my body instead of trying working against it to to fit it into a 'cookie cutter' style plan. I'm already seeing an improvement in my strength thanks to planning enough time to give my muscles a rest inbetween. 

You can get your own test done by ordering a DNA testing kit online via the DNAFit website. They're pricey, but if your the type of person who spends money on various slimming clubs, unused exercise equipment and diet foods/shakes, I would say you would be much better off spending your money on this. 

*Disclosure: I was provided with the DNAFit Diet Pro test for free for review purposes, as always my opinions are my own.

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