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Slimming clubs, group fitness classes, online forums and social media all have one thing in common: a sense of community. It's the feeling of being part of a supportive group that helps people stay on track, inspire each other and find motivation on the days where they're struggling most.  

We're social creatures, even the most introverted among us (I'm including myself in that!) will want to reach out for support and advice from time to time. It's much easier to reach our goals when we feel a part of something. But many of us can't afford gym memberships or slimming club fees. Not everyone wants to be weighed infront of people, or break into a sweat in front of others.

There's also a lot of other problems with trying to get healthy within these particular environments: they're all utterly obsessed with the scale and losing weight. It's a toxic environment for anyone trying to focus on their health and the slimming club environment tends to result in yo-yo dieting: you lose enough weight to 'earn' your next slimming club badge, reward yourself with a 'treat', gain weight the next week, 'punish' yourself by sticking to plan - even turning down that slice of birthday cake and your niece's party, and lose weight again the next week - then the cycle begins again.

We are not puppies who need to be house-trained with rewards and punishments! We are people who are often in need of positive encouragement and advice that doesn't make us feel bad about ourselves.

For this reason, I've created a community group on Facebook and you can request to join it right here: My aim is to to provide members with the community feeling and group support you need to succeed with for your own health goals (whether that's weight loss, fitness, nutrition, body confidence or emotional health - without the bad sides of slimming clubs. 

So join us - I can't wait to get chatting with you!

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