Diary Doll Panties Review: Leak Proof Underwear For Your Gym Kit

Time for some real talk. I gave birth almost a year ago. I have a pretty strong pelvic floor - I did my kegals after the birth (yeah, ok... I did them when I remembered to somewhere in between endless nappy changes and feeds) but yet I still pee myself when I'm doing plyometric training. 

 Ok, so it doesn't help that I'm drinking water by the litre when I'm exercising and jumping around putting pressure on my pelvic floor when I'm doing plyometrics, but I really thought I'd escaped the post-birth-having-to-wear-a tena- lady phenomenon. Thankfully I don't pee when I laugh or sneeze like I did in pregnancy so I guess I should count myself lucky for that. 

The trouble is, wearing a tena lady isn't comfortable at all when your jumping and sweating. It moves, slide and sticks itself in places you certainly don't want adhesives! Then I was asked to review Diary Doll. 

I can honestly say these pants should be in every woman's gym bag. In fact, also include them in every school girl's PE kit to prevent the ridicule from other kids at the sight of a spot of blood leaking through their gym shorts in the middle of sports day (and teach your kids about periods too, so they're not such dicks about the sight of a small blood stain). Unfortunately I'm speaking from experience on that one. 

Diary Doll pants are fantastic. They're comfortable, pretty, machine washable and you would have absolutely no idea from looking at them that there's a hidden waterproof panel. Total genius! Thank you Annabel Croft and Carol Smille for your creation. 

 When I'm back to my office job and I'm wearing a light coloured dress for an important presentation, I will most certainly be wearing these underneath in the event of my Tampax letting me down. 

 You can grab yourself a pair of these knickers from www.diarydoll.com for £9.95. They come in all sorts of pretty colours and patterns.

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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