CSX P315A Pedometer Review

CSX P315A Pedometer Review
This week I've been putting the new CSX P315A pedometer to the test. Pedometers are a brilliant alternative to 24 hours trackers for anyone who just wants to track how far they walk, the number of steps they take and how many calories they burn off. They're affordable (this particular pedometer is just £15.99), small and often more discreet than a wrist-worn fitness tracker.

As a brand, I really like CSX (you can check out my previous review of their C536X Heart Rate Monitor). I think they excel at providing customer support and set-up instructions, and their products are great value and ideal for anyone on a tight budget. 

The CSX P315A does everything you would expect from a pedometer (tracks distance, speed, calories burned, steps taken and shows the time) but what makes it stand out from the crowd is it's active tracking and pause features. 

Active Tracking

Only when you take 15 steps it will begin tracking your speed & average speed for the day. It also records the total time spent walking during the day. The advantage of this feature is that only your walking will be recorded, so your results won't be over inflated by the couple of steps you take around the office to the printer and back before sitting back down again.
Along with the total amount of time you were walking for in a 24 hour period, you can also find out your average speed. I'm having a lot of fun seeing if I can get slightly faster each day!

Pause Feature

CSX P315A Pedometer Tracks SpeedYou're able to pause the pedometer at any time, by pressing and holding mode button for 3 seconds. Why would you want to be able to do this? Well this is very handy if you happen to be travelling by car or buss and don't want to accidentally track steps you haven't taken every time you hit a speed bump or pothole!

On the P315A's display, the step counting icon (the walking person) will flash when the pedometer is activity tracking and will stop flashing when paused or put automatically into sleep mode, which it does after 3 minutes of detecting no movement. 

7 Day Memory

The P315A can store up to seven days of data for the steps, distance, calories, average speed and exercise time, making it easy to see if you're gradually improving. The current day's data is automatically stored in memory when the clock time reaches 12:00am midnight and the everything is reset to ‘0’ for the new day. 

Set Up

There are two types of set up - the first one is very basic all you need to do is set the time and away you go! If all you want to do is count steps, then this is fine. 

CSX P315A Pedometer Review
The second type of set up is more advanced and enable accurate tracking of distances and calories burned. It will require you to measure your stride length, you do this by taking 10 steps, measuring the distance you walked and then dividing it by 10. During the advance set up, you will need to choose between metric and imperial units for inputting your data (weight in kilogrammes or pounds and stride length in inches or centimetres) to determine whether you view your distances in miles or kilometres.   

Set up couldn't be easier with the help of the easy to read instructions (available in large print) and the video tutorial on YouTube.  For me, measuring my stride length was the trickiest part, but even that took just a minute of walking alongside a tape measure spread across my patio.

Once set up, you can place your pedometer in your pocket or attach it to the include lanyard to wear around your neck. Generally I find pedometers are more accurate when placed in a pocket so this is where I kept mine, and used the lanyard to secure it to a belt loop on my jeans so it that if it did happen to fall out, it wouldn't get lost.

Free eBook

CSX Walk Yourself Fitter Free eBookYou receive a free 56 page eBook called 'Walk Yourself Fitter' when you purchase the pedometer. The eBook is written by Former Marine, turned personal trainer, Patrick Dale. For an eBook, I found it very informative and even motivating! It outlines the benefits to walking even for just a short amount of time, every day and why this is often better for your health than killing it in the gym for just a few times a week only to return to a sedentary way of life. He also includes some info on nutrition and warm-up and cool-down exercises, which are highly recommended if you're walking long distances, especially up hills, across country or even with leg and wrist weights strapped to you to amp up the difficulty.  

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Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own

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