NCC Home Learning Courses Review: Initial Thoughts

NCC Home Learning Review: Initial Thoughts
This week I enrolled onto a Level 3 course in Business Administration as I have agreed to review the NCC Home Learning platform and courses- I know, what was I thinking taking on an extra qualification while parenting and running a business! The fact is, many people do exactly that.

I know loads of fitness bloggers for instance, who are training up as nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers and yoga teachers from the comfort of their own home. By the way, NCC home learning offers courses on health and nutrition, if you're interested!

With the Level 3 Business Administration course, I'm hoping it will help for when I eventually return to a 9 to 5 job, which will most likely be in administration for my university, like my last two full time jobs. On the other hand, it may also help with expanding my own business - I'm yet to see as I'm only into the early modules at the moment! 

Why Home Learning?

I've taken time out of employment because of firstly my horrific pregnancy which forced me to turn down a very nice promotion, but then also to look after my baby son, as well as my elderly  father. As you can imagine, I not really in a position to be able to study a course based at a college or university like I spent my entire late teens and early twenties doing. So to keep my CV updated refresh my skills while I'm out of work, a home learning course seems ideal.

Online Portal & Course Structure 

From the online portal you can see a list of the different modules which make up your course and a PDF resource for each one of them. At the very bottom of the list there is an examination to take and then you unlock your certificate of completion which you can print yourself or purchase a hard copy. 

The NCC Home Learning Portal - Business Administration Level 3 Online Study
The NCC Home Learning Portal - Business Administration Level 3 Online Study
I've downloaded the PDFs of each module onto my Dropbox which I then read using either my kindle or my iPhone when I finally get some peace and quiet to study. For me, this is usually at night when my little one had gone to bed. Often I'm studying while I'm laying down in bed myself!

PDF files offer a convenient way to study when you simply don't have the time to sit at a desk with textbooks. I do wish it was a bit more interactive throughout, perhaps a multiple choice test for each module. This would keep me focused throughout, particularly with my somewhat dry choice of topic.

I'll be posting again on completion of the course to give a more in-depth review of my particular course, as well the experience of taking an exam online (something which is completely new to me!).

*disclosure: I was compensated for this post by being given free online access to the Business Administration Level 3 qualification 

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