There's Always Time For Tea - Teagime Review

There's been two things lately that I've really needed to do for my health- drink more water (I used to be so good at this) and take more time to myself to just relax (ok, so I've never been any good at this). A lot of people accomplish both of these with regular tea breaks, but as someone who doesn't drink tea or coffee I've always missed out on this excuse to down tools and take a break. 

So when Teagime contacted me to see if wanted to try out their tea subscription box, which allowed me to choose flavours I knew I would like, I thought it'd be a great way to give myself the breaks I needed, as well as boost my water intake and hopefully curb sugar cravings too...

Teagime is fully personalised subscription box, based on your answers to the short health survey when you sign up on the website ( This includes your health goals (for example, clear skin, energy boost, metabolic boost) and your preferred flavours (such as spicy, herby. fruity, floral, minty).   

A 14 day Teagime box containing a customised morning, afternoon and evening blend will set you back £29.99, which is pricey, but I feel the quality of the tea and the ability to customise your blends to your specific goals and dietary needs, helps to justify this. If you remain subscribed, you'll also be sent different blends every 2 weeks, tailored to your requirements.   

In addition to your three different blends, you'll find two re-usable silicone tea infusers, which you can fill with your tea and empty out afterwards to use with the next cup. I quite enjoy the ritual of preparing my tea, watching it infuse the water and then sipping it - it's forced me to stop whatever I'm doing and take some time out to relax. I find that the fruity tasting teas also prevent sugar cravings and the urge to snack, so it has been much easier to reduce my sugar intake over the last fortnight as well as boost my water intake.

Typically, the morning and afternoon blends both contain caffeine and the evening blend is caffeine free. If you are sensitive to caffeine ,then you are able to contact Teagime and request caffeine-free blends. On the FAQs section on the website, there is also a warning that the herbs used may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women (it's said that in pregnancy, certain herbs carry the risk of bringing on contractions prematurely). I'm not sure why the tea isn't suitable for breastfeeding - but I had no idea about this warning and have been drinking tea for the last 2 weeks until I did some further research for the purpose of this blog post! Ooops! Still, me and baby are fine and have no adverse affects so I don't think there's any need to worry. 

On the Teagime website, you'll see the word 'Teatox' mentioned. I dislike this word personally, because I think it conjures up the idea that tea alone, will be enough to promote weight loss. As a brand, Teagime, unlike other 'teatox' programs, are different in that they do not promote meal replacements and they do not include laxatives in their tea blends and only use natural ingredients. 

Boosted water intake, reduced cravings and time carved out of my day to sit down and relax for 5 minutes. It's safe to say I've been converted to drinking some kind of tea. It's only taken 25 years, much to my teaoholic family's amazement! 

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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