How to Diet Without 'Dieting', by Andrew Beatty

How to diet without dieting
Image provided by Andrew Beatty
What if I told you that dieting wasn’t such a big deal?

What if I told you that you really shouldn’t feel like you’re dieting when you’re on a ‘diet’?

What if I told you that for the first time in your life you’re about to discover how to burn fat, get in shape and best part?  You’re about to do it without ever feeling like you’re dieting.  Sounds sort of craaaazy huh?  

Wait, wait, trust me, keep reading.  I sort of know what I’m talking about -like sort of :P

Let’s break this down for you.  Make it super easy for you.  You’d like that right?  I know if someone did this for me 10 years ago when I was really struggling with my weight I probably would have licked their face :P, you know like your dog does every single morning.

Alright, put your seatbelt on, this is gonna rock…

You cook dinner most days, right?

Wait, you don’t?  Come on, you can cook just one meal per day, right?

Great, let’s make that meal dinner.  

You’re going to commit to making dinner every single day.  That’s it, it doesn’t get much more difficult.  Ready?

When you make dinner, and I’m going to tell you waht to make too, you’re going to make an extra serving of the exact same meal.  You can do that, right?

Great, that’s about to be your lunch for tomorrow.  

We still need to make sure you don’t feel like you’re dieting, huh?

OKAY, so all that really means is you need to actually enjoy your meals.  Who’d have thought :P  Ready to find out how?  Of course you are, even I’m excited.

We’re going to pick 5 recipes from our recipe book.  I suggest doing it with your partner, or whoever else you usually eat with.  Find 5 recipes that you absolutely love and keep rotating between those for a few weeks until you get tired of them.   Once that happens, no problem, go and pick out 5 more and keep on going.

That sounds easy, doesn't it?

You know there are actually two reasons you’re doing this.

  1. You’re guaranteeing yourself two fat burning, energy boosting meals each day without changing much in your life
  2. You’re guaranteeing yourself two meals that you love, because you picked them out, meaning you’re not going to feel like you’re on a diet.

Image provided by Andrew Beatty
Alright, let’s do breakfast then, shall we?

Breakfast really is super easy.  

If you’re someone who has a decent amount of time each morning, for sure pick another recipe and go with that.  What if time is an issue for you though?  

What if you prefer to eat breakfast later in the morning.  Hey, who am I to judge, I leave my first meal every day until noon.  

Anyway, we sort of want to make sure you get some energy first thing in the morning, right?  You know, so you can kick start you metabolism and not crave any junk later in the day.  You’d be interested if I told you breakfast was only going to take 45 seconds, wouldn’t you?

Awwwwright, let’s do it;

  1. Protein powder (1 scoop)
  2. Water (not too much- keep it thick)
  3. Raw nuts (handful)
  4. Berries (handful)
  5. Spinach (more the merrier)

Throw it all in a blender, blend it, bottle it and you’ve just made yourself the most awesome tasting breakfast ever.  Best part?  It takes no time at all, gives you a ton of energy and burns fat like no man’s business.

Okay, let’s recap.  

You’ve just shown yourself how to diet without feeling like you’re dieting.  You’ve also just shown yourself that it’s a helluva lot easier than you really think.  

#1 Pick out 5 recipes that you and your family LOVE (google delicious fat burning recipes)
#2 Commit to making dinner every single day
#3 Try a delicious shake for breakfast
#4 Watch as your energy skyrockets, your cravings disappear and your body transforms

Yep, it’s that simple.

Committed to you
Andrew Beatty.


Andrew Beatty is Ireland’s leading fitness & fat loss expert.  Through his attitude and his training methods he has transformed the lives of thousands of men & women just like you.  He own’s an indoor boot camp where his clients transform both mentally and physically, while helping hundreds of others through his internet business.  

Andrew is a firm believer in the mantra; how you do anything is how you do everything, and he tries to instill this in his clients so that he can positively impact more areas of their life, rather than just health & fitness.

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  1. Brilliant blog post, I am very bad for skipping breakfast but I am going to keep your tips in mind. You have such an amazing blog I would be very happy if you would give mine a look!

    1. Thank you for popping by :) I love the inspirational stories series you have going on your blog at the moment - they're exactly what anyone (myself included!) need to read when they're feeing low or lacking in motivation.


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