Best 3 Fitness Watches For Heart Rate Monitoring, by Jason Oh

 Best 3 Fitness Watches For Heart Rate Monitoring
Are you thinking of getting your own fitness watch but can’t decide on the brand or model? Without question, the wearable fitness watches with heart rate monitors are becoming popular and as the technology on these devices becomes more accurate, it is becoming an essential tool to help you stay focused towards to your health and fitness goals. 

Since these devices are light and can be worn easily, a lot of people love strapping these fitness trackers on as they are easy and convenient to use on a daily basis, and also makes tracking your heart rate simple. Often these heart rate monitor devices will automatically keep tabs of your movement and heart rate at the same time, and 24 hours,7 days a week. 

Another very important and good reason to get a ​wrist heart rate monitor watch is that it allows you to improve your resting heart rate, workout effectively, exercise safer and train within your maximum heart rate. This is very important because approaching extreme exhaustion for some people could lead to heart attacks. A complete fitness solution should include a fitness watch with a monitor because the prices are affordable, features diverse and the benefits are long­ lasting! Before you get your own heart rate monitoring watch, you should be clear as to what exactly you need it for, the fitness watches with their own sensors will suit people who carry out their workout routines in their homes,new to weight loss or who only workout occasionally. But for a qualified sportsmen or a person who exercises regularly, especially individuals who prefer heart rate zone training or high intensity interval training, it is advisable to search for the higher performance watches that come with a lot more functions or wearables that comes with chest strap heart rate monitors as they offer more accurate readings. 

For the purpose of this article and since the majority of people are ‘casual’ workout gym goers, we will look at the top 3 fitness watches that comes with their own inbuilt heart rate monitors. 

This is the best product from Fitbit when it comes to price and features. The Fitbit Charge HR is a fitness watch that can help you keep track of things including the steps you take, number of floors you climb, distance travelled, not leaving your heart rate out. There are other less expensive options if you think the Charge has a little bit more features than you really need, but truly it has the best value in market. 
Fitbit Charge HR
This device is a more stylish option, which comes in different size wristbands and bright colours coupled with heart rate and sleep tracking functions. The Fitbit Charge Hr monitors the steps you take, distance you travel (on foot), calories you burn, flights of stairs climbed, number of active minutes (when the heart rate is above a certain level), and heart rate. It also keeps track on sleep and has an alarm which wakes you up. It keeps track of this number nonstop and all the information is available to view on the display of the device. It is then sent to the app where the user can view their fitness history. These features are beneficial to a user's fitness goals because you want to make sure you are getting at least 10,000 steps in, as well as meeting the other goals that Fitbit will help you set up. The great thing about the Fitbit is that while you're wearing it, it provides you with a little more motivation to keep active. The tracker also has advanced features that know the movements of certain exercises and logs them onto your Fitbit profile. 

Fitbit also has a community where you can compete with family and friends to keep active and have fun with the competition. To say the least,this piece of technology is a great device to help you reach and exceed your fitness goals. It also has a very good amount of different functional features which includes: Pure Pulse, Workout/Activity Monitoring, Caller ID, Sleep Monitoring, Alarms and Wireless Syncing. 

Garmin Vivosmart HR
Do you want a wearable that can strap on your wrist for lengthy periods of time without the need to charge it every 3 to 5 days? One that is waterproof so that you can shower or swim with it. Do you also want one with the newest features, which means some kind of heart ­rate monitoring with smartwatch like notifications? Then, the Garmin Vivosmart HR comes pretty near to meeting those mentioned features. It is a combination of fitness tracker and smartwatch, and as a fitness device has all the bases covered, it take measurement of the user’s daily activities, tracks heart rate continuously the entire day and automatically monitor the sleep patterns nightly. 

One can compare all of these attributes to the Fitbit Charge HR, but the Garmin Vivosmart is blessed with two distinct positives which includes a far superior incoming caller notification and it is waterproof rating up to 50 meters. This tracker is bulkier than the ChargeHR and Jawbone Up4, though its mobile app isn't as sleek or easy to use.

Not minding this, the Vivosmart is one of the top fitness watches and is worth considering; especially if you are on the lookout for a fitness watch for heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and get incoming notifications just like a smart watch. 

Jawbone Up4 

Jawbone Up4
The Jawbone Up4 is another very good fitness watch that takes the measurement of your heart rate, tracks your sleep, and sets your thermostat automatically. One other good thing about this monitor is that it can be used to pay for things at the store. Jawbone Up4 fitness watches have plastic bands whose insides have five square metal contacts. This watch is a part of the family of heart rate monitor devices, and has a battery life up to 10 days. Looking at a Jawbone UP4 fitness watch, you find three indicator lights for sleep,activity tracking and incoming notifications. It also possesses sensors that records your heart rate, respiration and sweat levels nonstop. This information helps you to train smarter, and not necessary harder. The small band on the UP4 makes it suitable for absolutely any individual and the wearable offers accurate readings using a streamlined app to guide you to your fitness goals. Jawbone UP4 automatically records your sleep and as well measure the Deep, Light and REM patterns and will provide ways to guide you to a better night's shut eye. 

There's a lot of controversy surrounding wrist ­based HR monitors. The debate on the accuracy of wrist based heart rate monitors is still ongoing because problems still arise with wrist based fitness trackers as they sometimes misreport pulses. Most wrist ­based HR monitors have issues with high intensity training and excessive motions but they are still good enough for casual running and in the gym, provided you're not too worried about pinpoint accuracy. But if you are like most people who workout casually,and no into competitive training or heart rate zone training, a wrist styled heart rate monitor like the 3 suggested devices will suffice and will do the job nicely. 

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