Hi-Pro Peanut Butter Review

Hi Pro Peanut Butter
Nut butters are fantastic way of packing extra protein into your diet, particularly peanut, almond and hazelnut butter varieties. They're great for spreading on protein pancakes, mixing into smoothies or adding into baking and cooking to make delicious snacks like granola bars.

 Of course you have to be careful that the nut butter you buy doesn't contain loads of added extras like sugar or whey powder (especially important to look out for if you are lactose intolerant). Supermarket own brand and other popular brands are often loaded with sugar to make them easily spreadable and more appealing to the mass market, and as a consequence they are lower in protein content than the nut butters offered by health conscious brands. 

I've been spreading Hi-Pro's very tasty smooth butter on my protein pancakes and replacing the Nutella used in my granola bars with Hi-Pro's delicious crunchy peanut butter for a completely different taste, a boost in protein and a reduction in sugar. Peanut butter makes a brilliant addition to a post workout snack or pre-gym breakfast as it's calorie dense to give you energy and packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer.

Each serving of Hi Pro is 33% protein, with 10g in every 33g serving - far more than mainstream varieties!  There's no added sugar,

no added salt, and no whey used to bulk up the protein content. It's gluten free, lactose free. Peanut butter is also a great source of niacin, vitamins B3, B6 and E, folate, magnesium and zinc. 

You can find Hi Pro Peanut butter in Smooth and Crunchy varieties in Sainsbury's and on Amazon for a reasonably priced £2.70-£3.00 per 454g jar.

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