The Baby Weight Diaries - Part 2

The Baby Weigh Diaries Part 2
I just have 5lb of the 18lb of pregnancy weight to go! I'm finally back in the 160's and much more importantly (because we all know there's so more to our lives and health than the number on the scale, right?!) I'm back to being as active as I was before pregnancy and lifting the same weights! My energy levels are coming back and as a result the sometimes sleepless nights feel easier to handle than they used to.

I haven't had to drop my calorie intake at all (why would I when my activity level has increased and I'm still breastfeeding). But I have been paying more attention to my nutrition and eating more fruit and veggies. 

My weekly exercise now includes 2 weights sessions, 1 family swim session, 1 weekend Zumba class, a few walks to the shops or park in the week or a home workouts on days stuck indoors (I finally cleared away the baby stuff from in front of the TV, now that my son has his own room.)

It shouldn't be long until I fit back in my wedding dress (I hope!), I haven't dared try it on again yet, but I'm going to have to soon, in order to take it in the shop for adjustments before W day. I'm still so relieved we've swapped our big fancy wedding for a cosy registry office, as that means I haven't got to tolerate more snippy remarks from would-be-guests regarding my baby weight. A friend of mine had a guest comment on her baby weight on her actual wedding day and in front of other guests, and even now this remains one of her most poinient memories of the day! What an awfully shitty guest!

I may be a health blogger, and yes, I'm writing about my own health and weight loss on my blog, but that still doesn't make it acceptable for the first comment to come out of someone's mouth in the middle of the street to be "your baby weight has *almost* gone". Try "hi? How are you doing?" Or "you're looking great!" It's much more polite. Or to put it another way, if you would personally be offended if I discussed your weight in the middle of the street, don't think for a second that it's acceptable to point out mine just because I had a baby 6 months ago. The number weeks postpartum someone is still doesn't make a their weight and open forum for discussion! This is just rudeness!

Anyway, I digress. I'm hoping my progress continues and I'm keeping my motivation high by using a journal called 'Fitbook Lite' combined with my Fitbit and Myfitnesspal. The Fitbook journal lasts 6 weeks and requires you to set goals each week and prompts you to reflect on what went well and not so well in the previous week - which is something Myfitnesspal was lacking. It seems to be doing the trick as it's made me really look at the excuses I was making about my workouts in part 1 and it's made me very conscious about counting how many portions of fruit and veg I have each day.

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  1. You are very active young mum. That's great. I think you may use Fitatu calorie counter. You can add there what you eat and your trainings. Writing this as a mum of 2 years old girl.


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