Nutrition Facts: The Truth About Food, by Karen Frazier (Book Review)

Nutrition Facts:The Truth About Food, by Karen Frazier (Book Review)
Covering the topics of food myths, digestive processes, the pros and cons of popular diets and food allergies, Nutrition Facts: The Truth About Food, by Karen Frazier, is the most detailed and comprehensive book on nutrition I have came across to date. 

It's accessible for those who do not have degrees in nutrition and ideal for anyone looking to improve their health and medical conditions.

The first section debunks a few nutrition myths and lays out some historical facts and trivia. The next section provides you with an insight into how the digestion, metabolism and absorption processes work as well as how particular nutrients fuel different parts of the body. 

There's an in depth chapter on macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, where its described what the role is of each individual nutrient is on the body is explain as well as the effect of having a deficiency or excess. Recommend daily allowances for all ages, pregnancy and breastfeeding are also provides. This section is so handy for anyone wondering what they need from a multivitamin and has made be realise that I should be taking a specific breastfeeding multivitamin instead of my regular one.

I particularly like the section on popular diets. The book breaks down the concept of the diet, the short and long term effects, the pros and cons and then gives separate ratings for health and weight loss. 

The final section address diet plans and nutritional tweaks for a wide range of aliments along with a run down on the most common food allergies. If this section does anything, I hope it will encourage people to approach a health care professional to gain a formal diagnoses of an allergy rather than simply jumping on the next diet bandwagon to ban an ingredient or entire food group. There are far too many people cutting out gluten who have no idea what it is, or what the symptoms of gluten sensitivity or celiac disease are. 

Nutrition Facts is American (as you can tell from the cover), so if you're a UK reader you may not find the appendix at the back on how to read a nutrition label completely relevant to the packaging laws we have in the UK. There's also a lot of references throughout the book to the FDA (Food and Drug Association). None the less, the general information and guidance is sure to be relevant to anyone an everyone who is interested in what they're putting in their bodies.

You can purchase Nutrition Facts: The Truth About Food, in kindle and paperback formats from Amazon.

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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