Wedding Planning 2.0 - Budget Bride, Zero Stress Edition

A wedding is a party, not a performanceI've been engaged since 2013 and we had originally booked a big fancy wedding at a large Edwardian hall on the other side of town. We were going to have the whole traditional wedding breakfast, group photos, evening buffet, DJ to entertain the guests all night and hotel accommodation. 

But after a difficult year, we've cancelled it all in favour of a much more budget-friendly, imitate affair in a registry office. The only parts of original plans that remain intact are the wedding dress and wedding cake (we're both fans of good cake and didn't want to start married life without it, obviously!).  

Since the birth of our son last year, we quickly realised just how much difference the £8,000+ we had saved up and were going to spend on just one day, would make to our home and family life. As I mentioned in my post on Turning 25, our priorities quickly shifted away from making sure 60 guests would be well fed, or dealing with the politics of the seating plan, the inevitable family drama and the ungrateful criticisms of the day for weeks afterwards. Besides, when would I find the time during the next few months to make, write and send out invitations?! I can barely squeeze in time for a shower some days!

For us, it's just far too much money, fuss and hassle to plan a day that pleases everyone, when I could be spending the first year of our marriage improving our home and garden, saving for trips to take our son on and spending longer on maternity leave to watch him grow. 

At the end of your wedding day, no matter what style or type of wedding you have, or how much you spend, the outcome is still the same: you marry the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. 

So here's a little peek into what a budget friendly, stress free, registry office wedding looks like: 
Registry office wedding
My dress itself is obviously being kept under-wraps in case my soon-to-be husband reads this post! I've saved tons of money by not only swapping to a registry office, but by buying items such as my flowers and shoes from eBay. The wedding cake is being made by a lovely lady, Clare, from Clare's Cakes. Our wedding rings will be purchased from a local family run jewellery shop and my Bridal tiara is Jon Richard. I also have some Alan Hannah hair accessories, but I'm yet to decide how to wear my hair to include these. Both of these bridal wear ranges are not only affordable, but stunning and complement my wedding dress perfectly! 

The savings I've made mean that I can still have a little splurge on the things that matter to us as a couple (rather than what would please 60 individuals), such as luxury wedding transport, perhaps a pre wedding spa day, engraved wedding rings, wedding gifts for each other, my dress, and of course, the cake! We may even have a mini woodland break in a cosy cabin for a few days to celebrate afterwards, while our baby son is a little too young to take on a plane abroad, we'll see how it goes.

I'm relieved to be excited about the big day again, instead of stressed out and spending all this time frantically planning! And no, I will not be crash dieting to get the 8lbs of baby weight I have left off just to fit back into my wedding dress - I'll be eating sensibly, burning off calories by walking with my stroller and then get the dress adjusted nearer the time. 

Of course I'll be sharing photos of my dress, jewellery, and the big day after I become a Mrs - so watch this space!

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