Can swapping to wool bedding really improve sleep? The Wool Room Review

Can swapping to wool bedding really improve sleep
As a new mum, sleep is something I just can't get enough off! We all know what a huge impact sleep has on our health (and even our weight) and we've all read tips on how to create a perfect sleep environment - from turning off all electronic devices one hour before bed, to keeping the bedroom dark using blackout blinds - but I've never really given any thought to my bedding. 

Previously my pillows, duvet and mattress protector were all bought from the supermarket on a budget and made from synthetic fibres and I thought nothing more of them, until I heard about the difference swapping to wool bedding could make to the quality of your sleep... 

Why Use Wool Bedding?

Apparently the average person sweats out one litre of water each night, and because this perspiration is unable to be absorbed inside synthetic or down fibres, the moisture sits around the skin, raising skin moisture levels and causing a heat build-up which is enough discomfort to disturb your sleep. 

Interestingly, research by The Wool Room has shown that 71% of people sleep at a different temperature to their partner (any woman who has put their cold feet on their husband can verify this!), so wool’s unique temperature and moisture management properties regulate a controlled climate around the body and the moisture content of the skin. During the night, wool fibres absorb your perspiration, and whilst the bed is empty during the day, moisture from the bedding is naturally released back into the atmosphere, so by the time you return to bed in the evening, your duvet will have returned to its original dry state.

The Wool Room's range of wool bedding is also great for those with asthma and allergies as scientific testing by Allergy UK over a period of six weeks has shown that dust mites cannot survive in wool.

The Wool Room's Deluxe Double  All Season Bedding Pack
The Wool Room's Deluxe Double
All Season Bedding Pack
For the last few nights we've been testing out The Wool Room's Deluxe All Season bedding pack, which comes with a mattress protector, duvet and two pillows (single sets will just come with one pillow), all lined made with wool. They come in individual zipped canvas bags, which I've kept to keep spare bedding in (resourceful, huh?).    

Deluxe Mattress Protector 
The Wool Room  Deluxe Mattress Protector
The Wool Room
Deluxe Mattress Protector

This is so thick and comfortable! It's made our budget mattress feel far more comfortable and has put our cheap Tesco mattress protector (which always managed to slide off the bed thanks to the crappy elastic straps holding it on) to shame. This one stays put as its fitted.

Deluxe All Season Duvet

The Wool Room  Deluxe All Season Duvet
The Wool Room
Deluxe All Season Duvet
The all season duvet has two layers press studded together so that in summer one layer can just be taken straight off. What a wonderful idea! Why has no one else thought of this?! The duvet feels light and luxurious and kept us feeling toasty all night, even when the room dropped to 14 degrees, without getting sweaty and having to kick the duvet off. 

Deluxe Wool Ball Pillows

Asda Pillow Vs The Wool Room Pillow
Asda Pillow Vs The Wool Room Pillow
These pillows were so much plumper and firmer than our cheap supermarket pillows. We only needed to use one each as they were stuffed so well with wool. You are able to unzip them and take stuffing out if you want them flatter - I think I may need to do this as I woke up the first night with a bit of neck ache. The pillows also have a quilted covering to the match the mattress protector and duvet. 

The Verdict

I'm really shocked at what a difference using wool bedding has made to the comfort of our bed. I fall asleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow! There's no more interrupted nights sleep caused by tossing and turning, even my partner who often kicks bedding off or sticks one leg out, now remains asleep the whole night! The bedding packs have quite a high price point (£307) but it really does feel worth it and makes going to bed feel like an even bigger luxury! Considering we spend a third of out lives in bed, it's worth the investment. 

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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