Ignite: 4 Weeks to A Leaner, Faster and Hotter Body - by Julia Buckley (Book Review)

Ignite Julia Buckley
This time last year, BTBS had the pleasure of three guests posts from personal trainer and author of 'Fat Burn Revolution', Julia Buckley. Julia has since released her latest eBook: Ignite. Ignite, is an incredibly intense four week workout plan which'll certainly get you the results you want. But you'll have to work for it! 

The Ignite program consists of explosive HIIT workouts, which are great to mix in with endurance cardio sessions and weight training for a well rounded fitness program. I'd recommend it for for those who are already in pretty great shape and in need of a challenge to get the last few stubborn pounds off. 

The only equipment you'll need for the program is an interval timer (or smartphone app) and a yoga mat. In the eBook you'll find detailed step by step instructions for each of the exercises and there's also instructional videos available via Julia's online gym. You can follow Ignite as a 6 workout per week, 28-day program, where each workout in the series will be performed 4 times in total, or simply use the workouts for whenever you can't make it to the gym.

There's a lot of jumping, so be very careful if you have dodgy knees. Julia reminds us to "focus on landing softly and quietly like a cat" and to jump from a bent knee position. If you do have knee problems, you can step instead. Julia advises that before beginners attempt the program, they condition their body with resistance training and sprint- type training (I'd recommend the C25K app for this combined with popular gym classes like Body Pump or doing intervals using machine in the gym such as the rower, stationary bike).

Throughout the book there are positive statements to boost confidence and to further aid with motivation, the success stories of the Ignite pilot testers are included at the back of the book. Always full of great advice, Julia offers handy tips on good form, safety, hydration, nutrition, setting goals, scheduling workouts and knowing when to stop and rest. I love that Julia calls a 'before picture' a 'goodbye photo' -what a great way of recognising that you feel like a whole new person when you take control of your health and fitness! There's also an FAQ section to address common misconceptions and questions relating to the Ignite program.

If you're looking for your next challenge, be sure to check out Julia's Ignite eBook, available from Amazon, as well as her online gym, where you'll find video workouts (including videos for Ignite workouts) support forums, recipes.

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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