Yoga Gym By Nicola Jane Hobbs (Book Review)

Yoga Gym Nicola Jane Hobbs
Yoga Gym is a 28 day body weight plan to increase strength, flexibility and fat loss. Improve mobility, balance and flexibility. Comprised of a blend of different types of yoga, the plan is equipment free and packed with 'do anywhere' exercises, making it a great work out for those on the go. It's simple and uncomplicated, just how exercise should be. 

It's written by Nicola Jane Hobbs, who is a yoga teacher, a national champion Olympic weight lifter and a performance and lifestyle coach. She also holds a masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. This lady obviously knows her stuff!  

Myth Busting

I particularly like the myth busting chapter at the beginning of the book. It's great for anyone who is new to yoga, particularly those who may still see yoga as a religious/spiritual pursuit (which some types of yoga are). Yoga is not always sitting cross legged chanting "Om" and this misleading stereotype fails to highlight the strength building and recovery benefits of the exercise. 

Beginner's Wrist

Another great section is the 'Healthy Wrist Sequence'. This is a range of exercises to designed to strengthen your wrists, which can often be a weak spot of beginners. I can remember having to wear a wrist splint for a while when I first started, and again when I began attempting bird pose!  

The Exercises

The Yoga Gym plan is made up of five different types of yoga exercises: Breathing, yang poses (poses designed to straighten muscles using active stretching), flows (movements that are synchronised with breathing and warm up the body), yogacises (aerobic bodyweight exercises), and yin poses (passive poses to relax your body and mind). The book is divided into sections for each of these types of poses, with photos for demonstration and clear instructions on correct posture, variations and timings for each pose.   

The 28 Day Workout Plan

This plan makes no faddy promises, instead it aims to provide you with an introduction to yoga and bodyweight. Comprised of five 30/50 minute workouts a week, the plan uses periodisation in order to prevent over training and injuries. Yoga Gym has straightforward charts for each workout and the routines are great for all levels of abilities. If after the 28 day plan, you fancy a challenge, you can always repeat the plan using the more advance variations of the poses.

This is also a great book to use if you'd like to try a yoga class in the near future. You'll be sure to walk into the studio knowledgeable of all the basic and even the more advance poses. 

Yoga Gym (Bloomsbury, 2016) is available to by for £12.99 paperback / £10.99 eBook.

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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