How Kettlebells Have Changed My Life (Plus 3 Benefits of Kettlebell Training) by Robert James

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Kettlebells have become rather popular in the last decade. With plenty of new and old fitness enthusiasts wanting to have a go with the tool that greatly resembles a cannonball with a handle, it seems kettlebell training has become more than just a mere fad. The Kettlebell has transformed itself from a mere "alternative" to one of the go-to tools when it comes to weight loss and power development. While training with kettlebells doesn't exactly have the kind of muscle-growing potential training with barbells can provide, it makes up for it by providing many exercises and benefits other tools cannot provide. 

How Kettlebells Changed My Life

Like most of you, I wasn't exactly born with strong muscles and the ability to lift heavy objects without breaking a sweat. In fact, I was what society would call a "weakling" for the first 20 years of my life (by the way, I'm 26 and single if anyone's interested) and for the most part I didn't mind being a weakling forever. I'm 6 feet tall and back then I used to weigh no less than 240 lbs. (108 kg or so) which made me not just weak but morbidly obese and slow too.

When I wasn't going to school, I'd spend my days watching TV or playing games and my nights mostly browsing the internet (or still playing games). I had a few tries at losing weight and my ignorance made weight loss more of a torture than a reward. 

I was the kind of guy who believed in instant gratification and spent a lot of money taking stuff like yohimbe pills for weight loss or those "miracle" herbal drinks that were said to burn fat but really were just laxatives with artificial flavors mixed in. 

They obviously didn't work and I realized I was just wasting money. Not to mention how some of those pills can have side effects that I don't want to have. I still had the urge to lose weight but losing money wasn't making me lose weight so I figured a more practical approach is required. 

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I read up and found out the basics: No sugar, eat more fruits and vegetables, and exercise. At this point, I was staring at it with desperation but my comfortable life prevented me from applying the basics of weight loss. I still tried but I was also still failing.

It wasn't until I started working back in 2010 when I had to relocate to an apartment near my place of work which was located 38 miles (roughly 60 km) from home. The cost of rent was out of this world and for a guy like me who earned minimum, I had to cut corners and I did most of it through the food I ate and some of the "lazy" hobbies I was used to. 

I filled my stomach everyday eating fruits and vegetables (mostly bananas and leafy greens) because they were dirt cheap and filling. When I had spare time, I would go to the gym and try the machines or run around the neighborhood. I already lost around 20 lbs (around 5 kg) in just one month then but the gym thing was boring me so did some internet research on the cool ways to workout. Barbells obviously topped the list but then I saw the weirdest equipment name (and design) I've seen in my life and I realized it was called a kettlebell. 

I ended up being fascinated with how you train with kettlebells. They looked simple but the workout you get from them is enough to make you come back to them every day. Not only did I lose weight with them but I also gained muscle and strength. I've never felt so healthy in my entire life. I ended up taking kettlebell training seriously. I enrolled in a few classes and seminars that taught kettlebell basics and I learned more about kettlebell training than I ever did watching Youtube videos of it.

Fast forward to today, I’m now maintaining 175 lbs (80 kg) of lean muscle. Proper diet and a whole lot of kettlebell training helped me become who I am today. I've since become my own fitness inspiration and I no longer care so much about weight loss than I do with strength gain. I’ve since taught plenty of friends and colleagues how to exercise with kettlebells and they all love it.

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Kettlebell training has definitely improved my life and I urge you to try it and see how stronger and fitter you can get with one or a pair. Trust me, you won't regret it.

3 Benefits of Kettlebell Training 

If my story hasn't convinced you of how great kettlebells are, I've listed 3 of the many benefits you'll get when you train with them.

1. Minimalist nature

Big things come in small packages as the saying goes and perhaps kettlebells embody that phrase quite well. Kettlebells are really handy compared to other types of equipment but they aren't so small that they're next to useless. They're like the hybridization of the benefits of the barbell and the portability of the dumbbell.

It's their minimalist nature that not only allows you to train with them anywhere but also enables you to do a variety of exercises. A kettlebell or two might as well be all you need for a "mini gym" and I'm not exaggerating.

2. Engage multiple muscles for maximum fat loss

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Kettlebells hardly permit the user to train individual muscles and why should it? When you want to burn a lot of fat you better train a whole lot of muscles and you will not see any kettlebell exercise that doesn't. 

If you do find an exercise that does so (which is most likely some bicep curls) I'm telling you it's not worth the trouble. It's not how kettlebells are supposed to be used. In fact their core exercises, the basics, require the use of multiple muscles and you won't see a certified kettlebell coach promote otherwise. 

I promise you'll literally feel all the fat trying to escape your body after one session of intense kettlebell training and you'll know it’s because you've worked all your muscles. You’ll feel sore all over but you’ll know it’s a good thing.

3. Save time

Because of its minimalist approach and how it trains multiple muscles at once, kettlebell training ends up saving you plenty of time. You no longer have to worry about training legs or arms separately since you’re constantly engaging these muscles at the same time. 
Kettlebell training won't make you count hours inside the gym or make you want to skip a few dates with friends. If anything, you'll get more time for yourself. Most kettlebell programs don't last longer than 20 minutes a day which leaves room for other types of personal activities.

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