10 Resources That Can Motivate You To Lose That Extra Weight by Joan Gilbert

Do something today that your future self will thank you for
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There are thousands, if not millions, of people out there in the world that are carrying that extra bit of weight but have yet to find effective motivation to inspire them to lose it and become a healthier version of themselves. There are several different reasons why people fail to take that extra step to losing weight, ranging from a lack of confidence, to a lack of exercise knowledge, to a lack of community to help them along the way. If you are finding a similarity between these kinds of people and yourself, then we are here to help you find the inspiration and help that could change your life forever. 

Here are ten of the best resources that can motivate you to get on the path to a healthier life.
1. TV Inspiration

Watching the television is a national pastime, so why not incorporate this hobby in to igniting a new one? Television programmers like The Biggest Loser are a great visual representation of the kind of success that you yourself achieve if you put your mind to it. If somebody is losing over 100 pounds, it should help you to see that shifting that extra 15 or 20 is absolutely achievable.

2. Utilize Apps

Alongside television, our smartphones and tablet devices have become almost an extension of our real bodies! Make the most of the attachment you have to your technology by downloading and using any one of the several great fitness and diet apps that exist. They can help you to keep a count of your calorie intake and to organise your workouts; it’s like having a pocket personal trainer!

3. Fitbit

If tech is something that you have found can really motivate you, then you can’t get much better than a fitness-tracking bracelet like a Fitbit. Bracelets like the Fitbit can track and record every single little thing related to your health kick, from counting your steps, to letting you know how much more exercise to do to meet your daily goals. This constant tracking can be really effective for some.

4. Online Community

If you are trying to lose weight on your own, you won’t have that safety net of support for if, and when, you have a bad day. Joining on online weight loss community, like Weight Watchers, for example, puts you in contact with a group of people who are going through exactly the same thing, and in their forums you can share your thoughts and struggles and feel like you are being really understood.

5. Pin Inspirational Pictures To Your Fridge

An easy and almost instant form of inspiration is to collect a couple of photos of celebrities whose bodies you aspire to have and pin them to your fridge. Having them on the fridge is essential, as every time you head over for a potentially naughty snack, you will be met with the images that you are working towards and it will make your think again.

6. Find Exercise That You Love

Whilst most people start with simple jogging or a visit to the gym, the trick to changing exercise from a chore to a hobby is to find something that you truly enjoy doing. In my experience, I have found that joining a sports club can be much more fun than solo jogging, as you are getting good exercise whilst socialising at the same time.

7. Consider A Personal Trainer

Some people need that face to face contact to really motivate them in to changing their lives for the better, and if you are one of these people then the absolute best way to achieve success is to commit to spending a little extra and hire a personal trainer for a few sessions. You’ll soon find that there is nowhere to hide with a personal trainer!

8. Lift The Weight That You Have Lost

This is a wonderful little tip that can help to motivate you from month to month. If you have lost 10 pounds in January, grab a 10-pound weight and it will allow you to physically feel how much weight you have managed to shed from your body. It is only when you experience it outside of your frame that you realise how great you are doing!

9. Pick A Goal Outfit

When you begin your weight loss journey, treat yourself to an outfit in the size that you are aiming to get to. The image in your mind of you wearing that outfit will hopefully inspire you to keep going and not give up when times get hard, because make no mistake, they definitely will get hard at some point!

10. Involve Others In The Process

If keeping commitments to friends is something you are good at, get them involved with some sort of sponsor page. They can donate an amount to be given to charity once you have reached your goal weight, and the fear of letting them down will motivate you to get there.

Joan Gilbert is a creative writer and beauty expert. She knows how to look good. Today she combines work in educational service IvoryResearch and in the fitness centre. 

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