The Benefits of Foam Rolling and a Review of The HardCore Fitness Foam Roller

Hardcore Fitness Foam Roller
HardCore Fitness Foam Roller
For anyone who has suffered with calf pain after a run or struggled with the stairs after a heavy leg day session, I highly recommend you try foam rolling to speed up your recovery process. It's a little like having your own physio at home!

If you've never used a foam roller before, it's basically a foam tube that you roll under the part of your body that needs a massage, for example your calves. In the same way a sports massage can help you recover quicker, a foam roller is a much more affordable way to achieve the same outcome and from the comfort of your own home.

Top Foam Roller Benefits
1.  Foam rolling increases blood flow to the muscles, improving the delivery of oxygen during exercise.

2. Practising foam rolling after exercise works towards relieving muscle tension, making the recovery process shorter and reducing muscle pain.

3. Through foam rolling you can focus on problem areas, applying more pressure to the muscles that need a little more work to help reduce tension and pain.

4. You can increase your range of motion. Foam Rolling works to stretch out and lengthen the muscles, enabling you to become a little more flexible and get more out of your workout through the resulting increase in range of motion.

5. Foam rolling can decrease recovery time as it aids muscle repair, meaning you can get back to training faster than if you were to leave your muscles to recover by themselves. Many athletes believe it to be far more effective than traditional stretching post-exercise.
A page from the HardCore Fitness  Foam Roller eBook
A page from the HardCore 
Fitness Foam Roller eBook

6. If you have stubborn cellulite that you can't seem to get rid of, foam rolling could be the answer. The improved blood-flow through practising foam rolling can help to eliminate toxins from the body, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

7. Your chance of injury through sports can be dramatically reduced when using foam rolling regularly, by ensuring the muscles are properly stretched out and warmed down after a workout.

The HardCore Fitness Roller

I'm incredibly impressed with both the product itself and the customer service provided by the HardCore Fitness team, who not only offer a lifetime guarantee for the product but also include a very handy eBook with each purchase to show you some of the many exercises you can do with the foam roller. 
The HardCore Fitness Foam Roller
The HardCore Fitness
Foam Roller

I've tried a cheaper foam roller in the past, it was too soft and smooth and the foam started to sag and crumble after just a few uses! This one is much better has it has a hard PVC core and it's not smooth all over like my other foam rollers. Instead it has solid foam 'teeth' and 'cushions' to act in much the same way as the fingers and palms of a physio, would massage your muscles. This makes it much more effective for improving blood flow and helps so much with muscle pain.  

The free eBook that comes with your purchase once you've registered your product, is a great for anyone new to foam rolling. It has symbols throughout the book to show you which exercises in particular are key for running, cycling, boxing and gym workouts. The book includes 12 massage exercises ideal for use before and after exercises as a warm up/cool down routine. There are also 5 additional core exercise designed to be used as a workout for your abs and 6 profound stretches, designed to aid with faster recovery. 

In addition to the eBook, the foam roller comes packaged in an A3 sized poster which could blu-tacked to the back of the door to a home gym for a handy reminder of the various exercises to relieve muscle stress. 

If you're thinking of adding foam rolling into your workout schedule (which I recommend you do!) then this is a great one to purchase! 

You can purchase the HardCore Foam Roller from for £20. 

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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