Juice It! Blend It! by Lisa Craven (Book Review)

Juice It! Blend It! Lisa Craven
Juice It! Blend It! by Lisa Craven
Juicing and smoothies continue to be a popular way to sneak in more fruit and vegetables into our diets, and Lisa Craven's new book, Juice It! Blend It! is sure to inspire you with new recipes that will appeal to even the picky eaters in your family. 

Juice It! Blend It! is a beautifully designed recipe book divided into chapters for juice and smoothie recipes that will hydrate, relax, boost immunity, energise you during that afternoon slump and kick start your morning. 

What I really value in this book is the extensive introductory chapter. It talks you through the differences between juices and blenders and the different types you can buy, as well as their pros and cons. There's also some great tips for storing, freezing and pre-preparing fruit, vegetables and grasses to save time and preserve your fresh produce, minimising waste (there's no sight sadder in a fridge than wilted salad!). 

Confession time: I definitely haven't been putting enough effort into washing my fruits, vegetables and pre-packaged salad. I'm well aware of pesticides and germs from the hands of anyone who has picked, packaged and sold me the produce as well as the risks they present to our health but up until now I've been far too lazy to take much care of how well I had prepared fresh produce and I didn't really have much idea about preparing, storing/freezing fruit and vegetables appropriately. It is thanks to this book that my Amazon wishlist is now filled up with salad spinner, vegetable scrub brush, a new set of sharp knives and cleaning products for the blender. 

I especially like the simple recipe mixers for my two favourites: a basic green juice and a simple smoothie. These are both fantastic recipes to get started with and can easily be customised according to individual tastes. I love to have a green juice with my breakfast first thing in the morning and save my fruit smoothies for mid-afternoon snacks. 

With winter coming up, I'm also loving the chapter on immune boosting recipes - my favourite being the Full of Berries Smoothie. I just cannot get enough of nut milks for a protein hit and fresh in-season berries for a lovely sweet flavour. As for sore throats and colds, I find any recipe containing lemon to be very soothing for this.  

I'm sure parents will have no problem finding recipes in Juice It! Blend It! that even the little ones will enjoy. It can be handy way of sneaking in extra vegetables and fruit, just be mindful of their overall sugar intake, even from fruit sources!   

Juice It! Blend It! will be available to buy from Exisle Publishing on 30th November 2015, RRP: £12.95 - just in time to be added to your Christmas wish list!

About the Author

Lisa Craven
Lisa Craven is a juice devotee from New York City. She developed her passion for juicing eight years ago when at a friend’s apartment in New York City, deciding she needed a wine-free night and instead tried a green juice. She never looked back. Lisa is passionate about wellbeing and keeping life in balance. Her passion is for everyone to juice and live long, healthy and balanced lives.

In addition to daily juicing she has created a fabulous life filled with yoga, meditation, affirmations and healthy people around her. She has over fifteen years of experience in Human Resources and Talent where she has focused on keeping employees healthy and well balanced at work. She went through intense yoga teacher training, is a Life and Executive Coach and a champion for wellness in the workplace. She has found true reward in helping those who want a life filled with wellness in Sydney where she now resides.

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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