Veet Natural Inspirations Easy Wax Roll-On Kit & Hair Removal Cream Review

Veet Easy Wax Roll-On Kit
Veet Easy Wax Roll-On Kit
Last month, while heavily pregnant, I attempted to shave my legs. It seemed like a good idea at the time, "pamper yourself Karen, go on, it's summer and you're in maternity dresses all the time". Well, it didn't go so well. You see with a bump the size of a beluga whale obstructing me, the end result looked like I had hired Edward Scissor-hands to do the job for me! With cuts all over my knees and ankles, I decided that would be the last time in pregnancy I would use a razor on my legs and have since taken to other methods!

So that's why I've been putting the Veet Easy Wax-Roll on Kit and Veet Naturals hair removal cream to the test.

Veet Easy Wax Roll-On Kit

If you're going to attempt waxing at home, you may be looking into buying an electrical applicator to heat the wax and keep it at the right temperature. 

Veet Easy Wax Natural Inspirations Roll On Wax Kit
Veet Easy Wax Natural
Inspirations Roll On Wax Kit
In the box
In the box of the Veet Easy Wax-Roll on, you'll find a clip-in refill, the device itself & cap, the base for it to stand in and heat up, the plug, 12 strips and 4 perfect finish wipes (fantastic for removing excess wax afterwards!). 

Refill types
There are two refill types. The refill that comes in the box is for legs and arms, but you can also buy a refill with a smaller applicator to use on your bikini line and underarms. Both types of refills work in the same device. 

How to use
To start, imply click the refill device into the top of the unit and plug it in to warm up, a little red light will pop on to let you know it's heating up. The instructions advice that the wax should take 20 minutes to heat up. I would advice that you test the wax on a piece of paper at this stage, rather than your leg. If the wax glides onto the paper easily, then it's ready to use, otherwise I would advice heating it up for another 40 minutes (It took a total of 40 minutes for mine to be ready to roll).   

Once it's heated up, roll a a strip of wax slightly shorter than the length of a strip itself, over your skin using the slanted end of the applicator. Be sure to go against the direction of hair growth (down your leg for example). Next, smooth a strip onto the wax, leaving a finger-width at the end so that you can pull the strip off. Hold your skin taut, bite the bullet and pull it off in one very swift motion (don't fanny around with it like its a painful plaster, this will hurt more, won't pull much hair off at all and makes a lot of mess!). I find that it doesn't hurt any more or less than waxing at the salon or with pre-waxed strips, but then again, I tested this on my legs, not my bikini line!. 

Afterwards, run a Perfect Finish Wipe over the area to remove any left over wax. Then you can enjoy that love glossy leg feeling without any Edward Scissorhand marks all over you! This method of hair removal should mean that you stay relatively hair free for about 4 weeks... that's enough time for winter to arrive and for jeans, 80 denier tights and knee high boots to come back out ;)  

Cost saving tips
Overall, I think waxing costs slightly more than shaving, although packs of refill blades and decent disposable razors can be a little pricey. Saying that, I have to use razors on a more frequent basis compared to hair removal creams or wax kits. The price of the Easy-Roll On Kit is anywhere between £9.99 up to £28, depending on whether you choose the Natural Inspiration kit, sensitive or regular.  This isn't too bad as its a once off purchase, but its the cost of the refills, wipes and strips that mount up. 

The refills are around £9-5 each on Amazon, depending on if you opt for the natural inspiration range, sensitive or regular. Keeping in mind you'll be buying one once a month (two, if you're using both the leg refill and bikini/underarm refill. I would advice you buy these from Amazon using subscribe and save and set it up to deliver once a month. 

For plain strips to apply to the wax, you can use any brand really and there's some great multi-packs of 100 for around £1.99 also on Amazon to keep you going for ages. 

Unfortunately I haven't found a decent cheaper alternative to the Perfect Finish Wipes. A pack of 14 will set you back another £5 on Amazon, once again I would put these on subscribe and save for once a month. 
Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream
Veet Natural Inspirations
Hair Removal Cream

Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream   

I absolutely love this cream! For me, it's my preferred alternative to shaving and I would choose it over waxing. Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream in particular, smells much nicer than other creams and contains Shea butter for a lovely smooth moisturised feeling afterwards. The cream comes with a plastic cream removal tool (pictured right) that you use to take the cream off under the shower. 

The only slight disadvantage of using hair removal cream over shaving and waxing is having to wait 5 minutes before you wash it off and waddle around in the meantime trying desperately not to get the cream on any furniture, carpets or towels!

Some people are really sensitive to hair removal cream, luckily there is a sensitive option available, but I find the natural one is perfectly find providing it's not left on for too long. You can find both types on Amazon for around £6.99. 

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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