Top 10 Swimming Essentials - From Hair Care to Swimming Trackers!

Top 10 Swimming Essentials

Swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit, but it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated in the pool, especially without the fitness trackers and music you would have for running outside or working out in the gym. Fortunately, there are waterproof solutions to this, as you'll see below.  There are also products out there to keep your hair protected from chlorine and even to protect your ears protected from swimmers ear. Grab your gym bag and fill it with these swimming essentials before heading to the pool!  

To Wear: 
Slazenger X Back Ladies Swim Suit

Slazenger X Back 

Ladies Swim Suit


Of course you'll need some sporty swimwear. The bikini you wore on holiday won't be cut out for a fitness swim session. You'll need something that offers you good support that can't unravel, slide down or untie itself while you're cruising through the water. I don't think you can go wrong with the Slazenger range of swimsuits. I particularly like the ones that offer thick cross-over straps and a bright, sporty style. 

Nose Clip

I have a confession: I can swim 100 lengths in the space of 1 hour, but I can't go underwater without holding my nose. I get around this issue using a simple nose clip. No, it isn't sexy but I'm not trying to be sexy, I just want to focus on getting a good workout in!
i-Swim Pro Swimming Goggles + Free nose clip & ear plugs!
i-Swim Pro Swimming Goggles
+Free nose clip & ear plugs!

Anti Fog Goggles 

If you find that highly chlorinated water stings like hell when it gets in your eyes, I recommend wearing goggles. Anti-fog ones are brilliant and goggles with mirrored lenses can be nice for toning down the bright swimming pool lights!

To Protect:
Sun Swim and Gym Range From Boots
Sun, Swim & Gym
Range from Boots

Sun, Swim & Gym Hair Care Products

Don't worry, I'm not going to recommend wearing a swimming cap. These hurt my head, make me sweat too much, pull my hair out and just generally irritate me. Instead I treat my hair afterwards using Boots's Sun, Swim & Gym range.  The shampoo is great for washing out chlorine and the hair masque restores my hair when it's looking dry and straw-like.

Swim Seal 
Swim Seal - Ear drops to prevent swimmers ear
Swim Seal Ear drops
to prevent swimmers ear

These amazing little drops can be put in your ears just before you get in the pool. They then seal the ear from getting water stuck in them, causing the pain known well to swimmers; 'Swimmers Ear'. I was always heading to the doctors to have my ears checked out for infections because I was in so much pain with them, who knew some trapped water could be so painful?! These drops prevent that from happening and are a must for all swim kits. 
MisFit Flash Waterproof Fitness Tracker
MisFit Flash

To Track & Motivate

Misfit Shine / Misfit Flash / Speedo Shine 

I've used both the MisFit Shine and MisFit Flash in the swimming pool and find them great for tracking my workouts as well as daily activity and sleep. You can read more about the differences in my post on MisFit Flash Vs MisFit Shine. This is one area the MisFit kicks FitBit's butt on (FitBits, as of yet, do not work in the water)!
Swimovate Poolmate
Swimovate Poolmate

I'm also excited to hear about the new MisFit Speedo Shine. MisFit has teamed up with Speedo to create a tracker designed specifically for tracking swimming workouts, no matter what stroke type you prefer. I cannot wait to test this out when it comes to the UK market. Hopefully it will be more successful than the Swimovate Poolmate watch, which never worked well for me and has since become little more than a waterproof watch. 

SportCount Lap Counter
SportCount Swimming Pool Lap Counter
SportCount Swimming
 Pool Lap Counter

If you don't want to splash out (sorry, couldn't resist!) for a pool friendly fitness tracker, then a cheaper option such as the SportCount Lap Counter, is brilliant for keeping a track of the lengths you've conquered so that you don't have to try to keep a mental tally of them, leaving your mind free to wonder off or concentrate on your technique. 

Speedo Fit App (formally known as Splashpath)

Once you've hit your personal best, you'll want somewhere to log your workout, lengths covered and perhaps calculate distance and speed. 
Speedo Fit App
Speedo Fit App

The Speedo Fit app is great for this and you can set a 'swim goal' to see if you can cover the distance of many of the world's great bodies of water. You'll gain a whole new appreciation for how hard it must be to swim the channel! There's also a feature that allows you store your favourite pool and check out the timetable whenever you need to. 

Wetbag for swimming kit
Wetbag for
Swimming Kit
To Store It All In: 


Keep all of your phone, money and clothing dry by using a wetbag in your gym bag. Use the wetbag to keep your wet swimsuit & travel towel in and then when you get home utterly exhausted, you can simply take it out and put it all in the wash! 

Need something listen to?

Take a look at my review of waterproof headphones and my top three underwater mp3 players.

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