Why I'm Excited About MyFitnessPal's New Premium Features

Why I'm Excited About MyFitnessPal's New Premium Features
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MyFitnessPal is an app that I've always felt like I owe an awful lot to (one of the reasons I will happily write about it without ever being asked to!). It's always been free - and still is - but now it has a premium upgrade that I personally feel couldn't have arrived at a better time. It's like the app got an upgrade at the same time my goals shifted from simply losing weight to wanting to change my body composition. 

You've always been able to use the app for logging food and viewing nutritional values, but until now you could only set your goals in terms of calories and macro nutrient percentages. Your net calorie goals were also rigidly set to being the same each day every day and these were adjusted by logging exercise manually or by using an activity tracker to adjust these goals. 

With the premium upgrade, these niggles can be eradicated, if you so wish! Which I would imagine will suit anyone who is training with heavy weights, taking their own approach to fat loss or body re-composition (for example, calorie cycling, or periodisation) or simply wants to have a great food and activity tracker, without using the app's own suggested calorie targets. These premium features work on both the web and app versions of MyFitnessPal. 

Premium features of MyFitnessPal
The premium features of MyFitnessPal
For the first time, it feels like MyFitnessPal really is about fitness and nutrition, rather than solely weight loss. I'm pretty sure that's what the clever programmers had in mind right and the beginning but the original format of the app meant that it slipped into the weight loss tool category. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, and MyFitnessPal can still be used that way, for free! 

It worked perfectly fine for me when getting out of the obesity bracket and reversing hypertension and pre-diabetes were my high priority goals. At that time, I was less concerned about macro nutrients, body composition, gaining strength and maintaining a high metabolism and far more focused on just getting the weight off as swiftly and as safely as I could. 

The upgrade costs £7.99 or £39.99 for the year. I know full well I will be upgrading for the annual option shortly after I've given birth to enable me to log my food in terms of macro-nutrient ratios and really focus on nutrition and gradually gaining my strength back, rather than calories and weight loss, particularly at a time when I'm going to need the energy most!  

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