Pamper your aching feet with Scholl foot care products

Scholl Fresh Step, Scholl Party Feet and Scholl Dry Skin Cream
Scholl Fresh Step, Scholl Party Feet
and Scholl Dry Skin Cream
At this time of year, chances are you'll be wearing flip flops, sandles, and peep toe heels. You may still have a holiday to look forward to (Jealous! Mine was months ago!) or you may have loads of of hen nights, weddings, BBQs and nights out booked in. Either way, you're sure to be on your feet a lot as well as have them on show. 

Myself, I'm getting ready for Wedding Feet! What's that you ask? It's when your feet go completely numb from all the standing around you do during wedding season (photos, mingling, dancing!). It's all good fun, but the last wedding I went to I had to resort to drinking wine just to kill the pain from my stilettos (for the last few years, weddings are the only time I drink!). 

Fortunately, this summer I'm more prepared and with the Scholl giveaway, you can be too...

This year I'll be stocking up on Scholl Party Feet gel cushions for my heels, Scholl Fresh Step for my smelly gym trainers (don't judge me - all gym shoes smell, right?!) and Scholl Dry Skin Recovery cream, ideal for treating dry skin on feet

The Party Feet gel cushions are great for stopping that throbbing ache you get right in the middle of your feet when wearing heals and make budget stiletto heels far more comfortable in general! 

As for the Fresh Step shoe spray, it kind of reminds me of when you go bowling and the assistant sprays the bowling shoes after you've taken them off. I've often wished I had some of that spray (or even better, someone to spray it for me) when I take my gym trainers off after a sweaty workout! The spray, unlike some others, doesn't leave behind powdery white marks or a wet shoe. I might just sneak a spritz of this into my fiancĂ©'s boots while he's not looking.

Meanwhile, I need to get my feet looking a little less "endless DIY projects all summer" and a little more "just stepped out of the spa". I can't afford to book myself in for a pedicure so I've taken to using my PedEgg to exfoliate my feet, alongside Scholl Dry Skin cream to soften. Next, trim nails and paint them something bright and colourful! Of course, having freshly painted toes means that I have to put my feet up for a bit and read a magazine. What a shame! 

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own

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