The Macro Recipe Book Vol 2 - Perfect for using with MyFitnessPal!

The Macro Recipe Book Vol 2
By Daniel Wheeler & Monica Bravo
The Macro Book Vol 2 Vol2, written by Daniel Wheeler (Director of Life Changing Fitness), in partnership with Monica Bravo (from, is the recipe book I wish I'd written myself! For anyone who is interested in tracking their macro nutrients (that's protein, carbohydrates and fats), this is an ideal recipe book. 

What makes the book unique is that it contains barcodes to scan with the popular food & exercise logging app, MyFitnessPal, a break down of macros, calories and allergy information, and WeightWatchers points for both UK and USA systems. Even the shopping list and units are split into UK and USA versions. They really have thought of everything with this book!

The book contains over 50 recipes, including snacks, starters, lunches, dinners, breakfasts and desserts. Don't expect to see the usual low calorie 'health' foods in this book, instead you will see recipes of both high and low calorie and to suite all tastes. The recipes focus on whole foods, good nutrition and fuel for an active lifestyle - the kind of active lifestyle that simply wouldn't be possible to fuel on low-calorie faddy, over processed rubbish.  

At the beginning of the book there's a handy crash course on the importance of each macro nutrient and setting your macro goals, as well as how to change the macro goals in MyFitnessPal. 

Macro Recipe Book Vol 2 - large photos,
lots of nutritional info, plus units and
ingredients suitable for UK & USA readers.
There's many great recipes, each with delicious looking full page photos! You'll find lots of different red meat and poultry dishes along with various sauces and nut butters for spreads and snacks (all great for heavy lifting days!). As you may expect, there are salads, wraps and vegetable soups, but also some unexpected dishes, like nachos, hash browns and waffles.The authors certainly know how to eat good food!

The Macro Recipe Book Vol 2 contains a really nice balance of dishes and certainly inspires great 'cheat meals'. In general it would work very well for anyone aiming to build strength in general, as well as those doing so via bulking & cutting cycles.  

About the author, in his own words:
The Macro Recipe Book Vol 1
by Daniel Wheeler

"Having been morbidly obese and transformed my own life by losing over 8 stone, I found a passion to help, inspire and motivate others. I went on an intense educational journey, founded my own fitness company, Life Changing Fitness, and now tour the country hosting seminars to educate and inspire others on proper nutrition and exercise."

"I created this recipe book with the sole purpose to allow people to enjoy everyday foods to fit within a healthy active lifestyle. You can enjoy any of these meals and achieve any goal you have... that I guarantee you. I hope you enjoy the foods as much as I did creating this book."

You can purchase a copy of the book from the Life Changing Fitness Website for £27.50. You'll also find Volume 1 of the Macro Recipe Book on there for £27.50.

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