August Health and Fitness Buys

Beyond The Bathroom Scale's August Health & Fitness Buys
August can be a busy time of year, whether you're rushing around getting the kids ready to go back to school, attending weddings, or having a late summer holiday. As we all know, our health can slide by the end of summer if we don't make enough time to eat properly and get the nutrition we need. 

This month I've been munching on high protein snacks such as beautifully seasoned hard boiled eggs and foods rich in fatty acids (Chia seeds and coconut oil!) and I've relaxed using essential oils! 

The Crackin' Egg Co.
The Crackin' Egg Co. Blue Egg Hard Boiled Wax Coated Egg Salt and Pepper Seasoning
The Crackin' Egg Co.
hard boiled, wax coated eggs
Salt and Pepper Seasoning
The Crackin' Egg Company has made it really easy and convenient to pack a high protein snack in your lunch box (and the kid's lunch boxes!). 

These colourful, hard boiled eggs are sealed with a wax coating, so that they can be kept at room temperature and have a shelf life of up to 4-6 weeks.  

They only have 60 calories, are high in protein and have a low GI. They're also a great source of vitamins A, D, B12, B2, folate, biotin, iodine and selenium  - perfect for post workout snacks!

Available from many supermarkets nationwide, you can choose from packs of two eggs (£1.59) of three different flavours: Salt & Pepper (blue coloured eggs), Sweet Chilli (red coloured eggs), and Sour Cream & Chive (green coloured eggs).These packs contain a tube sachet with the seasoning, allowing you to peel your eggs and season them just the way you like them! There's also a pack of six traditional (yellow coloured, without a seasoning sachet) available for £3.49. These are great for kids lunch boxes or for when you have your own seasoning in mind.  

Linwoods Milled Chia Seeds
Linwoods Milled Chia Seeds
Linwoods Milled
Chia Seeds

I'm sure many of you are aware of the multitude of health benefits to be had from sprinkling chia seeds on pretty everything. If you haven't, then where have you been? 

As Lorna Driver-Davies, Nutritional Therapist at explains: 
"Chia seeds have been found to support hydration and electrolyte balance, which may be helpful for those who are busy and active. Research has shown that chia seeds have more omega 3 fatty acid than any other plant making them a good alternative food for those who do not eat fish. They are also rich in fibre and therefore create a good feeling of fullness and slow the emptying of the stomach making then helpful for promoting a healthy appetite (meaning not wanting to over-eat) and general weight maintenance."  
Pretty powerful stuff coming from a tiny seed, right? These are great for adding to smoothie (like my green power smoothie), sprinkling on top of yoghurt, porridge, eggs, salads, pasta dishes or even adding to sandwiches, baked potatoes, rice dishes and stuffing! There's seriously an endless amount of possibility, so it's really easy to get your recommended daily dose of omega 3 in.

You can grab a 200g bag from many supermarkets, health stores and even  


Move over olive oil, everyone is cooking with Coconut oil now! A great source of fatty acids, Coconut oil adds a subtle, sweet Caribbean taste and can be used to cook pretty much anything from stir fries, to curry, as well as use in baking (it's amazing for muffins!). 
Coconoil, organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil
Coconoil, organic cold
pressed virgin coconut oil

'Coconoil' in particular, is an organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Cold pressing the coconut flesh means that it's health benefits are maintained to a greater extent, relative to preparation methods involving heat.  

It's even handy to use in your beauty routine! you can use it as as a moisturiser or even as part of the latest beauty craze, 'oil pulling'. Oil pulling has divided opinions on whether swishing oil in your mouth (such as Coconoil) really does reduce plaque build up and your risk of gingivitis. I've included a link of a study which seems to lend support to this craze, but as will everything in the world of fitness and nutrition, there's always two sides to every argument! (1).   

Whether you want to use it for cooking or as a beauty product (or both!), you can purchase it in 280g tubs for £6.99 or great value 460g glass jars (pictured) for £7.46 from

Essential Oils
Simply Supplements Essential Oils, Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus
Simply Supplements Essential Oils:
 Tea Tree, Lavender & Eucalyptus

Essential oils are brilliantly versatile! You can apply a few drops as a topical treatment (for example, I use tee tree to treat spots) or mix your essential oil of choice with carrier oils (I use Almond oil as my carrier) for massaging onto skin. 

They're also great for burning in a tea light oil burner. For example, I like to burn Eucalyptus oil to help clear stuffy noses and I'll use Lavender oil whenever I need to relax. 

The oils I use are 10ml bottles, available fro around £5.99 from

Quest Vitamins & Quest Immune System Biotix Supplement

Quest Immune System Biotex
Quest Immune
System Biotix
Quest Vitamins: Mega B 50, Omega 3 & Synergistic Magnesium
Quest Vitamins: Mega B 50,
Omega 3 & Synergistic Magnesium
Ideal for preparing for the inevitable colds you'll catch once the kids are back at school, Immune System Biotix supplement contains garlic, probiotics, vitamin D (great for preparing for dull autumn and winter weather!), zinc, selenium, copper and beta glucans - all of which are important for a functioning immune system. Immune system Biotix is available in a box of 30 capsules from for around £12.

You can also buy Quest particular vitamins individually, such as Omega and Magnesium - both of which are very handy for me during pregnancy - magnesium for lessening night time leg cramps and omega 3 as a substitute for oily fish (as it seems to make me nauseous lately!). You can get them all from with prices varying wildly from £3 to £23, depending on what it is you need. 


1. Niger Med J. 2015 Mar-Apr;56(2):143-7. Effect of coconut oil in plaque related gingivitis - A preliminary report. Peedikayil FC1, Sreenivasan P2, Narayanan A3.

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