The Top 10 Products for Surviving A Summer Pregnancy

With it being my first pregnancy, I really had no clue just how uncomfortable pregnancy can be in general, let alone in the summer. I was also surprised by the wide variety of aliments endured for 9 months. Having been on vacation during 2nd Trimester and returning home to humid weather, I've quickly had to establish ways to keep myself cool and comfortable for the remaining 3 months. 

Below is the list of products I've used that have made a huge difference to my comfort level and ease the most aliments of pregnancy. I'm hoping by sharing these, a fellow pregnant lady may feel a little less uncomfortable in some way!

1. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow
Image: Amazon
I bought this pillow from Amazon about 15 weeks into my pregnancy and I've snuggled with it every single night! It curls around my neck, shoulders, back and in between my legs to prevent back pain and pelvis pain. You can also flip it around the other way to support your growing bump and boobs. It's given me so much relief and made sleeping and napping far more comfy!

The cover is removable and washes perfectly and it's heat regulating - so you won't feel all sweaty when you wake up the next morning. 

My fiancĂ© however hates this pillow and claims it pushes him out of the bed at night. Luckily for me, he works a lot of night shifts, which means my precious pillow, growing baby bump and I can starfish the bed!

2. The Breath Co. Range

For the first four months of pregnancy, I was so sick with Hyperemesis that I couldn't even brush my teeth without the taste of toothpaste or mere smell of mouthwash making me throw up (among many other triggers!). Fortunately at my last dental check up, my teeth and gums have managed to survive this somehow. I've also since discovered that by being more selective over which oral hygiene products I use, I manage just fine without triggering nausea or sickness. 

Toothpastes that foam up less and have a mild taste, used in combination with alcohol-free mouth washes that are also free of artificial colours, seems to do the trick! This is a pretty long list of demands to turn up at Tesco with but thankfully Boots have started stocking The Breath Co. range.

The Breath Co. Range
The fluoride toothpaste (Mild mint - £8.99) is perfect for me as it doesn't foam up or taste too strong and leaves my teeth feeling clean and smooth. 

The oral rinse comes in two flavours - Icy Mint and Mild Mint (£12.99). Great for cleansing my mouth of bad-breath bacteria and it doesn't burn or stick my gums afterwards thanks to it being alcohol free! 

There's also Dry Mouth Lozenges (£8.99) which have gone straight into my desk drawer and hospital bag! I've found these minty lozenges to be perfect for freshening up after I've come down with yet another attack of pregnancy sickness (yes, I still throw up even though I'm now in 3rd trimester!). I highly recommend the range, even though it is admittedly pretty pricey.  

3. Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Facial Mist 

Image: Amazon
I found the Magicool mist in Superdrug (£3.99) just before I waddled off on holiday back in June (wow, that seems ages ago now!). I was a bit sceptical at first on how useful a facial mist could be at cooling me down, but since getting too warm seems to be my Kryptonite (I'll faint simply by eating hot food in a hot kitchen!), I thought I'd pack it in my case and give it a go. 

I was not disappointed! It's like sticking your face into the freezer to cool down! It stayed in my beach bag for the entire holiday and it'll be another product I pack in my hospital bag so that my birth partners can spray me when I'm puffing and panting away on a boiling hot labour ward! 

4. Germolene

Image: Amazon
So we've covered puke breath, fainting and back pain in bed. Now for the next really attractive aliment in pregnancy - chaffing! Oh the pain I was in when I came back from holiday and had two huge rashes on my inner thighs, thanks to being in sweltering heat and not wearing leggings, tights or shorts to prevent the rub! I could hardly drive, let alone walk it hurt that much. So that's where Germolene (£3.27) comes in, what household bathroom cabinet doesn't already have this amazing stuff stashed in there?!

5. Mothercare Maternity Incontinence Pads

Mothercare Maternity
Incontinence Pads
Image: Mothercare
It just gets better, doesn't it? I only have to laugh, cough, sneeze or throw up and that's me running to the wardrobe to change my underwear and maternity leggings! It doesn't seem to matter how many pelvic floor exercises I do while I'm stuck in traffic, so I've since accepted that this is just how it will be for the rest of pregnancy (at least!). 

Mothercare Maternity Incontinence pads come individually wrapped so you can keep a spare in your handbag and best of all, they're cheap - £1.66 for a pack of 12. 

Bio Oil
Image: Amazon
6. Bio-Oil 

This is probably the product everyone expects to see on a pregnancy survival list. That's because it really does help soothe sore stretch marks. I keep it in my bedside drawer to apply each evening, alongside a pack of travel hand wipes to get it off my hands afterwards! 

It's usually around £8.99 for a 200ml bottle, though often you'll find vouchers inside Bounty packs and Emma's Diary packs for money off, so keep an eye out!

Seat Belt Covers
Image: Amazon
7. Seat Belt Covers

Buy them cheap from eBay or Amazon, usually around £2.50-£18, these will make driving much more comfortable by keeping your lap belt from riding up over your bump and your shoulder strap won't slide around and irritate your sensitive breasts!  

8. Nipple Cream

Nipple Cream
Image: Amazon
Speaking of breasts, I had no comprehension of the level of pain, burning and general sensitivity I would experience during pregnancy (and I'm now kinda fearful of whether breast feeding will hurt!). Even if you're not having any boob issues while pregnant, I'm sure it will pay dividends post-natal to have a tube of Lansinoh Lanolin (£7.33) nipple cream handy - another product I've stashed into the hospital bag!

9. Tums Antacid

Tums Antacid
Image: Amazon
I should purchase shares in this company, seeing as I must have kept them in business with the amount of these I've had to buy to soothe my otherwise endless heartburn! 

Tums Antacids (£4.30) taste a bit like Love Hearts and work incredibly quickly so that I can finally lay down and go to sleep! I just wish they didn't have E-numbers in them as I seem to be bringing up anything artificially coloured and flavoured lately! Perhaps my baby boy has been picking up heath tips from mummy's blog ;) 

Voltarol Heat Pads
Image: Amazon

10. Heatpads

Although I'm generally trying to do anything possible to keep cool, there have been a few times recently (usually when working at my desk) where I've just had to place something warm on my back to ease the pain!) 

Costing around £5 for a pack of 4 patches, these are ideal as you can stick them underneath your clothes to the back of your top and then simply lean back and feel the relief. If you're spending a lot of time in the office before going on maternity leave, make sure you pop these in your work bag!

Prices were correct at time of publication. 

Are there any particular products you swear by in pregnancy? Let us know with a comment below!

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