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ActivBod Products
Other than that first gulp of protein shake, there's nothing more satisfying after a workout than a cool refreshing shower! The unisex ActivBod range, available from the ActivBod website, is the perfect skincare range for post workout freshen-ups. 

The range of products are designed to cool and reduce the redness of flushed skin, gently warm up aching muscles and restore the moisture in skin that's dried out from all that sweating.

Game Changer Facial Scrub - £7 for 75ml

Perfect for soothing bright red cheeks after lunch break run! The calming scrub will clear pores of road dust and sweat and leave skin feeling cool and soft, just in time for that 2pm meeting. The active ingredients are Salicylic acid, which is great for mopping up excess oil in the skin and Vitamin E to calm redness and moisturise dried out skin.

Pick Me Up Scrub - £8 for 100ml

Pick Me Up
This is a really nice body scrub to use after swimming, as the chlorinated pool water often leaves my skin dry, flaky and itchy. The scrub contains green tea to stimulate circulation and like the facial scrub, contains Salicylic acid and micro particles to unblock pores that make have become clogged with perspiration (or mud, makeup or rainbow paint if you've been involved in charity runs lately!)

Feel Great Shower Concentrate - £5 for 100ml

With a handy flip-top, and compact size thanks to a concentrated shower gel, it's ideal to stash in your gym kit for that much needed post-workout shower. You won't need to use as much gel as you would with regular shower gels to work up a cleansing lather. Skin will be left deodorised and feeling much more nourished thanks to almond oil and sea minerals. 

Cooling Finishing Lotion - £12 for 100ml
Cooling Finishing

A great product to use instead of a regular moisturising. If your skin is still feeling warm after a cool shower, then this lotion will solve the issue without leaving skin feeling tacky and sticky.  

Turn Up The Heat Roller Gel - £12 for 50ml

Utterly essential after leg day! This muscle gel gently warms sore and strained muscles to boost circulation and ease post-workout tension. Thanks to it's ginger and rosemary extracts, it smells far nicer than other muscle gel products on the markets (I can't stand the smell of Deep Heat, no matter how effective it is!). I like that it's also in roller ball form so I don;t have to get greasy hands when applying it, or risk touching my eyes straight afterwards! 
Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter Balm- £5 - 6g

Psychology fans will appreciate the idea behind this product: association. Using this balm before every workout will after time mean that you associate it's powerful scent with working out and will be able to turn to it when your motivation is waning, like in the winter! Catching a whiff of the combination of spearmint, peppermint, patchouli, sage, thyme, bergamot and cedarwood will instantly put you in the mood to exercise!  

Disclosure: I was sent this product to review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own 

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