March Health & Fitness Buys

I can't believe it's already March. This means it's not long until summer, so hang on in there! This month's Health & Fitness Buys is quite the foodie month. I've been putting all kinds of things to the test, from pasta made out of brown rice, to protein ice cream.

Rizopia Brown rice pasta
Rizopia Brown Rice
Lasagne Sheets

Beat the bloat, with pasta made from nothing more than brown rice and water. Yes, really. It even tastes exactly the same as your regular pasta and cooks in just the same way. It's organic and gluten free and and ideal pasta substitute for coeliac and IBS sufferers. 

Lasagne with a stack of veggies
Rizopia Brown Rice
Fusilli Pasta
There's a variety of pasta shapes available to order from Amazon, including lasagne sheets, fusilli, penne and spaghetti. I've found it works really well in both my lasagne and bolognese recipes and it's deliciously filling.  

You can view the full range on the Rizopia website.  Prices are usually around £7.50 for two packs of your chosen shape.  

Diet Plate

Female Diet Plate and
 Bowl System
If you're not a fan of counting calories, then let this plate and bowl set do it for you. Never again will you have to weigh-out food, log what you've eaten on an app or risk blindly eye-balling your potions. 

The plate and bowl have various measured sections for different types of food. Providing you resist the urge to stack your food in the sections, you won't be able to overeat.

The bowl with it's colour-coded lines, is perfect for pouring out the correct amount of breakfast cereal. There's a handy table of popular cereal brands included in the 40 page guide, which will inform you of which colour line you can pour your crunchy nut or bran flakes up to. 

The plate is slightly trickier than the bowl to work out, but if you look at each section carefully before plating up your dinner and consult the Diet Plate guide, you'll get the hang of it quickly. 
Female Diet Plate

What I like most about this system, is that no food group is banned, just simply portioned controlled. The Diet Plate plan recommends using the plate 7 days a week for weight loss and then 5 days a week with 2 'off plate' days to maintain weight loss - the original 5:2 diet if you like. There is a female, male and child version of the plate, each calibrated to provide the ideal calorie intake for that group. The female plate and bowl for example, will provide between 1250 and 1500 calories per day while the male plate provides 1500-1900. Depending on your starting weight you could lose anything from 1lb to 3lb using this method.

A word of caution though, if you're a frequent gym goer you may find that you are eating too little for your level of activity and will benefit from a higher amount of protein, particularly if you are weight training.

The diet plate and bowl set can be purchased on Amazon for £30.97.     

Strawberry WheyHey
WheyHey Protein IceCream

Fancy ice cream as a post workout snack? Each 500ml pot of WheyHey IceCream contains 75g of whey isolate, making it high protein, low carb and also sugar free. 

WheyHey comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, Banoffee and Vanilla flavours for around £6.50 per 500ml pot or £18 for a selection of 3. Perfect to scoop onto your protein pancakes. Be sure to stock up in time for the summer!

You can buy the range from MuscleFood, you will shipp it to you in special dry-ice packaging. 

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