The Home Gym That Fits In a Cupboard

Not everyone wants to go to a gym, or has the time or the money. Some people are quite content to go for a jog in the park while others will workout in the living room with a fitness dvd or an online class. This is great, but what if you're keen to begin lifting weights? The trouble with working out at home is finding space to keep any equipment you may be using.

There's probably no room in your house for a weight bench right? or a weights rack? No, me neither. For those of you just starting out with weights, you're in luck! There's some great equipment on the market that can help get you started and it will all fit in the cupboard under the stairs!  

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Is it a step? Is it a weights bench? It's both! You can adjust the feet of the bench to make it higher or lower and incline 'the deck' at various angles to be used as a bench for weights or lay it flat to use it as a step for challenging lunges or a cardio workout. All of this from something that can easily be stowed away in a cupboard! The deck itself has some limited internal storage, great for small plates and dumbbells and a few bits like resistance bands. It even comes with a free DVD to show you a few key moves making it perfectly suitable for beginners!

Studio Pump Set (£75.99)

Use for squats, lunges, dead lifts, bench presses, rows, clean & presses, bicep curls, tricep presses, pullovers.... OK, I'll stop now. This is a seriously versatile piece of equipment and a must for anyone training with weights, as it can be adjusted to suits all levels of strength. This set comes with a chrome bar, a pair of quick release clip collars and three pairs of plates: 2 x 1.25kg; 2 x 2.5kg and 2 x 5kg.
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The bar can be easily stored and the plates will only become a problem when you become far more advance and end up collecting huge pile of plates that just get bigger and bigger (I affectionately refer to them as my iron nest!). You can purchase additional 5kg plates (£35.99)  or really push yourself and grab some 10kg plates (£64.29)

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This 'Handweight Tree' as I like to call it is ideal for beginners. Supplied with the stand, it has one set of 1kg dumbbells, one set of 2kg dumbbells and one set of 4.5kg dumbbells. This gives you plenty of room for progression! 

Physioworld Exercise Mats (£14.99-£42.99, depending on thickness selected)

These mats come in two thickness options, 10mm &15mm. You can use the mat for cool down with stretches or use it for yoga and pilates workouts. It also works well as an underlay under heavy equipment, great if you're working out upstairs or want to protect the floor from weights. 

No home gym would be complete without a good sound system, you just have to have music to workout to! Fortunately this water resistance speaker is loud, amplifies the bass in music really well and it's portable! Did I mention it glows bright white? Connect it via Bluetooth to your phone, select a great playlist (like the Les Mills Body Pump playlist on Spotify!) and away you go! Use it indoors or take it in the garden for a workout on a warm day. 

No Bluetooth device? No worries, there's an included 3.5mm aux-in cable included, so you can connect it to your laptop or pretty much any other device that plays music. There's also a USB cable to recharge the Lithium-ion battery. 

Pump FX DVD (£14.99)

It's a bit like the Les Mills Body Pump class you'll find in a gym. It's great for teaching beginners the basic moves with free weights, as well as being a high intensity workout. Expect lots of squats, lunges, presses and rows! Perfect for using with the bar, plates and hand weights. There's new choreography every three months, so you'll won't get bored easily.  

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