The Fat Burn Revolution by Julia Buckley (Book Review)

Julia's book, 'The Fat Burn Revolution' has had me hooked right from the start! I absolutely love fitness books where the author shares their own experiences as well as drawing on their professional expertise.  Right from the first page, Julia's story of skipping PE lessons as a child resonated with my own experiences - who would have thought either of us would become so passionate about health and fitness as adults?! Julia's story serves as a comfort to anyone feeling anxious about starting to workout at home, or even scarier, the gym! 

The Fat Burn Revolution emphasises the importance of resistance training and HIIT workouts to boost your metabolism, increase your strength and shed body fat. It comes packed with workouts you can do at home and sound advice on nutrition. 

Many of you will have read Julia's last two guest posts on Beyond The Bathroom Scale and will be familiar with her upbeat approach to improving your health and fitness levels. For those that didn't you can read Julia's Top Tips for Burning Body Fat and her Tips for Gaining the Confidence to Workout

The 12 Week Plan
In The Fat Burn Revolution you'll get structured workout plans along with colourful photos showing you just how to perform each individual exercise. The suggested workout schedule is a 12 week plan and consists of 6 different types of workouts spread across three phases. This way, you'll never get bored of the routine and you'll continue to challenge your body. 

The Workouts
I'm not going to lie, these workouts are tough, even for me as a regular gym goer. The reason why is that that they are made up of intervals revolving around lifting heavy weights (yay!) and high intensity cardio such as plyometrics (my weakness!). You know you're in for a fun challenge when the workouts have action-movie style names like 'Furnace workout' (HIIT training), 'Plyo Blaze' (plyometric workout) and 'Metabolic Resistance' (weights session with dumbbells and body weight exercises). 

Every person who tries these workouts will have a different experience of it, some of you will want to run away at the thought of lifting weights, while others, like me, are not fans of explosive movements that leave you gasping for breath like a fish out of water! Whatever type of exercise it is that makes you afraid, make this your personal challenge and you will absolutely get better at it by following this plan - to the point of being utterly amazed at what your body is now capable of! 

Supplementary Exercise
Each of scheduled workout is around 45 minutes long and it's recommended that you also fit in 20-30 minutes of sustained low-intensity exercise each day to keep your metabolism fired up. This can be anything like short walk, gardening, housework or even dance (which is what I've opted for!). It's recommended that you do this 'metabolism booster' exercise at the opposite end of the day to your workout, so for example if you're working out in the morning, have a short walk in the evening.  

The Fat Burn Revolution has a whole chapter on food. While there are no diet plans or recipes, there's some great guidelines for planning a sustainable healthy eating habit. Julia recommends cutting right down on sugar and replacing 'empty' carbohydrates such as flour based foods with vegetables whenever you can, along with lean protein from oily fish, eggs, lean cuts of meat and Quorn products. 

Like me she also recommends that you do not drink your calories by reducing your consumption of alcohol, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, fancy coffees and anything else that' likely to be laden with sugar and chemicals. This pretty much leaves water and green tea, which believe me, you can get used to over time and by gradually reducing all the other drinks. I'd rather eat than drink my calories anyway!   

Julia Buckley
Overall I'd recommend this book to anyone just starting out with weight loss, or rather, reducing body fat... because that's what we're really trying to do, isn't it? You'll find Julia's encouraging tone really motivating and by following her advice you will get great results!

About Julia Buckley

Julia is a fitness journalist, fellow blogger and a personal trainer. She's written for Runner's World, Sport, Bodyfit, Trail Running, Fitness for Women and Running Free magazines - as well as appearing here on Beyond The Bathroom Scale a few times! You can find out more about Julia and her online gym here.

The Fat Burn Revolution is published by Bloomsbury and is available in paperback and eBook versions. 

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