The 15 Minute Chicken Tikka - Tastes Just Like The Pub Version!

Tikka is a favourite dish of mine, it's warming comfort food with a big hit of protein and never fails to make me feel better when I'm coming down with a winter cold or stuffy nose. 

My fiancé and I have spent considerable time in our kitchen trying to modify my previous Chicken Tikka RecipeWe've swapped ingredients around, trimmed down cooking and preparation time and improved on it's overall taste and creaminess. 
Nutritional profile per serving (recipe serves 2):

Calories:442; Protein: 43g; Fat 23g (11g from saturated fat);  Carbs: 17g;  Fibre: 3g; Sugar 11g; Sodium 303mg.

  • 200g can of plum tomatoes
  • 4tsp of Tikka Spice Mix
  • 2tsp of Hot Curry Powder
  • 2 tbsp fresh double cream
  • 200g diced red onion
  • 250g pre roasted or grilled chicken 
  • A pinch of fresh or dry coriander 
How to Make (it's really simple!)

1. Spray a pan with cooking oil (I use Fry Light) and preheat on a medium temperature. Add in the red onion and leave to brown slightly (this won't take long!)

2. Using a blender, give the can of tomatoes a quick whizz to make a purée and then pour this over the onions.

3. Add in 2 tablespoons of cream and mix it well.

4. Next add 4 teaspoons of Tikka Spice mix and 2 teaspoons of hot curry powder. Sprinkle in some coriander and stir well.

5. Add in the chicken and leave to simmer on a low-medium heat while the sauce thickens up. Use this time to prepare some wholegrain rice and/or a mini naan bread as a side dish.

6. Serve it up and enjoy! 

Wondering where I got the pub-style balti dishes from? 


  1. Definitely going to give this a try, have really gotten in to making curry recently!

    Sammy x |

    1. Ahhh I hope you enjoy it! Curry is a huge favourite of mine on a cold day! :)


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