Below The Belt Products For Every Guy's Gym Bag

Below the Belt Products: (left to right)
Waterless Shower, Sports Lubricant and Fresh & Dry Balls
If your other half is a fan of the gym and playing sports then consider this quirky trio of products for his Valentine's Day present. As well as having amusing names such as 'fresh and dry balls' (which will give you both a good laugh if you're anything like us!) the products are fantastic for keeping his bits fresh and preventing chafing during sports.

The Below The Belt Range consists of three products to keep in the gym bag...

Fresh & Dry Balls (RRP £6.95)
Think of this as deodorant for balls. The gel's gentle formula is absorbed quickly and leaves a dusting of talc to keep everything dry and fresh. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals or perfumes and uses only essential oils. Good to use either at the gym or before a long day at work.

The cap at the bottom doesn't come off by the way, its a twist and squeeze action. The gel will come out of the little hole in the cap (no puns intended, honest!)

Sports Lubricant (RRP £7.95)
If he runs, cycles, plays football or rugby or does any sport where he works up a bit of sweat, this smooth, non-drag product will prevent chafing or unnecessary discomfort. The texture reminds me a little of Vaseline, only with a light citrus scent. Definitely worth using if he's prone to itching and sore patches in that area when working out.  

Waterless Shower (RRP £6.95)
I guess if the first product was deodorant for balls, then this one would be dry shampoo for balls! This gel will cleanse, helping to kill bacteria and odour. There's no need for a shower as it's instantly absorbed. A good product to have post-gym session or before a night out to freshen up after work. 

The trio of products can be purchased from the Below The Belt website: at the 10% discounted price of £19.60 or via

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