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This time of year the supermarket shelves are stuffed full of fitness DVDs, diet books and diet shakes and pills (stay well away from the diet shakes and pills!) A new survey of more than 2,500 participants however, reveals surprisingly, saving money is the nation’s most popular New Year’s Resolution.

So what were the nation's top resolutions?
  • Almost a quarter of us want to adopt a healthier diet (ME!)
  • Saving money proves to be the most popular New Year’s Resolution (also me!)
  • Less than 1 in 10 of us have pledged traditional resolutions such as drinking less alcohol or joining the gym (This was me in 2012 and I'm still keeping up with both!)
  • Charity volunteering and finding a new partner also feature as New Year’s Resolutions (OK, so I haven't made this one).

30% of people have made saving money a New Year’s Resolution for 2015, according to a survey of 2,569 people by, the UK’s number one competition and prize site, over the Christmas period. The second most popular resolution was to eat healthier (27%), while traditional New Year’s Resolutions such as smoking less (10%), drinking less alcohol (8%), or joining a gym (8%) have proved less popular.

The study has discovered that while political parties trade blows over spending cuts and the NHS, the nation’s two most popular New Year’s Resolutions are saving money and eating more healthily. 30% of us are hoping 2015 will be the year for us to improve the state of our finances, while almost a quarter (24%) are pledging to adopt a more healthy diet.

Traditional resolutions meanwhile have proved less popular with only 8% wanting to cut down the amount we drink. The number of people giving up booze for January was marginally higher, with 10% choosing to go dry and give up alcohol for the first month of the New Year. Meanwhile 1 in 10 of us will be trying to cut down on smoking or to quit altogether, while 8% will join a gym.

Other New Year’s Resolutions adopted by survey respondents included paying off loans (10%), changing jobs (9%), recycling more (8%), volunteering or fundraising for charity (7%), and finding a new partner (5%).

Commenting on the results of the study, Ivan Southall of said: “Joining a gym, drinking less alcohol, and quitting smoking have long been popular resolutions, but it’s clear that these days people are just as interested in saving pounds than shedding them.” Besides, quitting smoking and reducing your consumption of alcohol and take away foods is not only good for your body, but great for your purse!

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So how are your resolutions going? Are any of you taking part in a dry January? 

So far I've managed to lose a further 4lbs, haven't touch alcohol since a wedding last summer and I've reduced my monthly spending! Now if I could just make myself turn off the TV after midnight and go to bed earlier! (curse you Netflix!)

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